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Jazz saxophonist Andre Woodvine is a popular fixture in the local club and show circuit. He is a featured performer many nights at top hotels and clubs around the island, both as a solo performer and with his ensemble, the Andre Woodvine Group.

A veteran jazz musician, Andre gained a Performance Degree (Hons) in alto saxophone from the famed Berklee College Of Music in 1986. His interest in saxophones extended to the tenor and soprano sax, the flute and the Yamaha WX7 Midi Wind Controller.

In 1995, Andre released his first solo recording entitled 'Voyager', which features his group and ten of his original Caribbean Jazz compositions. Now, he has just completed his second CD, "Vine", and will be released in January.

Andre enjoys composing in a variety of idioms and in 1992 won the Heineken Caribbean Song Competition with his piece "Hold You In A Song".

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André Woodvine

André Woodvine, Barbados

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