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At Earthworks Pottery master potter Goldie Spieler has carved a special place for herself, and for visitors, at this wonderful aerie studio . Perched atop Shop Hill in St. Thomas, Goldie and her son David specialise in functional art works from her own studio where they spin beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand-finished tableware, art pieces, vases, bowls and so much more.

Visit the Potters House next door - it's filled with many treasures from Earthworks as well as other local potters and artists.

Goldie's designs are all original and are done in a variety of colours and techniques. She makes trinket bowls and vases, platters, serving pieces and even custom made tiles. Come to the Cafe next door for lunch, snacks, or a cool drink and just enjoy the view.

This friendly little pottery is truely a unique and facinating place to visit.

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Contact Info
Earthworks Pottery
Edghill Heights #2
St. Thomas
Tel: (246) 425-0223
Fax: (246) 425-3224

Earthworks Pottery, Barbados

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