Convertible Auto Hire


When touring Barbados many visitors prefer soft-top vehicles and tend to enjoy driving Convertible rentals, whether in the form of mini-mokes, jeeps, or sedans.

Renting a convertible in Barbados allows you the opportunity to enjoy the lovely sunshine and cooling breezes as you drive around the island taking in the sights, but still have the option of closing up and enjoying the air-condition if it's too hot outside or if it's raining.

The Mini-moke which is nicknamed the "Fun Moke" is very popular with convertible cars to hire, mainly because it is small and easy to park, it also has no doors or windows, allowing for better photo opportunities from the vehicle.

Below there is a list of companies offering Soft-top Convertible rentals.

Corbin's Car Rentals Barbados One of the largest fleets of vehicles on the island.
Direct Car Rentals Ltd. Barbados We offer the BEST choice for your vacation or business needs
Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals Barbados
Regency Rent-A-Car  Barbados The company that is designed to meet all the transportation needs of all.
Top Car Rentals  Barbados Whether traveling on business or pleasure, this is a car rental treasure!

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