Moke Hire


When exploring Barbados, Island Moke Rentals are a popular choice with visitors.

Also known as Mini Mokes, Fun Mokes and Sun Mokes, these tropical topless convertible vehicles are usually without doors and windows.

Although not the ideal car rental for protection from the rain, it is however the most fun.

Hiring a moke affords passengers the opportunity to take photos from the vehicle without being restricted by a window or door. You also get to enjoy direct breeze and sunlight.

For those with mobility challenges, mokes can be a bit difficult to get in and out of.

Below, there's a list of Rent A Car companies with Island Mokes for Hire.

Corbin's Car Rentals Barbados One of the largest fleets of vehicles on the island.
Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals Barbados
Elite Rent-a-Car Barbados Enjoy the beauty Barbados has to offer
Regency Rent-A-Car  Barbados The company that is designed to meet all the transportation needs of all.
Top Car Rentals  Barbados Whether traveling on business or pleasure, this is a car rental treasure!

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