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Come join us for HALLOWEEN in Barbados…dress up in your scariest costume and enjoy an evening and night of wicked island fun and horrors, under a tropical moonlight in the Caribbean.

Commercially and secularly Halloween festivities and celebrations traditionally include activities and events like trick-or-treating, Halloween costume parties, pranks, the carving of pumpkins, bonfires, scary story-telling, haunted attractions and the watching of horror movies. Halloween decorations feature jack-o-lanterns and hanging ghost, skeletons and spiders.

Halloween is part of the three day Gaelic festival “Samhain”, which marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. It is celebrated from sunset of October 31st to sunset of November 1st.

In some countries this period is called Allhollowtide, and is used by Christians to attend Church Service and light candles on the grave of the dead, to honor saints (hallows), martyrs and pray for recently departed souls who have yet to reach heaven. Others use this period to acknowledge demons, while the ancient religion of the Celtics in Ireland believed this was the time when evil spirits or supernatural forces crossed over from the dark-side and roamed the earth as ghost.

In the Christian community Allhollowtide consist of the three day dedication festival of the Western Christian Feast of All Saints Day and includes “Hallowe’en” also known as ‘Alholloween’ (celebrated Oct 31st) …this is All Hollows’ Eve, followed by “All Hallows Day” also known as ‘All Saints Sunday’ (celebrated Nov 1st) …a Christian feast day, and next is All Souls Day (celebrated Nov 2nd) …a day of prayer for the dead.   

As a Christian society Barbadians only celebrated All Saints Day, but in recent years the younger generation have started to acknowledge Halloween commercially through a few costume parties and haunted houses, pranks, a number of bonfires on the beach, with some decorating and trick-or-treating in the middle and upper-class areas. Catching a horror film at a movie theatre or drive-in cinema is also a popular Halloween activity for bajans. 

Whatever story-telling is done is told about old spooky folktales featuring many folk characters, hauntings and haunted places on the island

Halloween Day Celebrations in Barbados
Celebrated October 31
st ...the Saturday before All Saints Day ...see which Day Halloween falls on this year
Happy Halloween from www.FunBarbados.com!

Here are some ways to celebrate Halloween 
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Have an enjoyable time at your Halloween activities in Barbados
…get your scare on Bajan style!

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Happy Halloween



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