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blank At THE HOPE SANCTUARY in Barbados we rescue abused, abandoned and neglected dogs and cats, and teach the general public how to care for their dogs and cats.

The Hope Sanctuary continually fights the battle in protecting and rescuing animals in Barbados, while working in the community to assist and educate for the betterment of dogs and cats on the island. At Hope we believe that the most important work is done in the community and schools.

The Hope Sanctuary Barbados Services 

The Hope has an Adoption Program, and our animals are neutered or spayed. Although we always appreciate a donation but our dogs and cats will be free of charge as long as they find a good home were we can be sure that they are loved and cared for. We also provide education for children and adults about Pet-care. 

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Hope Sanctuary Barbados …the Animal Shelter

How it Started?
Ten Years ago Cornelia had a vision of creating an animal shelter. Her vision of the ideal place had nothing to do with your ordinary animal shelter. She was aiming for a shelter, where dogs could roam freely and live in packs since they are pack animals, in what is now called “Dog gardens”, rather than locked up in a kennel. Of course some dogs don’t get along, but she knew which ones were compatible and would become buddies. She also visualized play and run areas where they could get their exercise or be socialized with other groups. 

For cats she had the same vision, where cats can roam freely in a huge cattery with different in-door areas and lots of toys and stimulation for climbing so they have places to play and places to snooze or find their privacy if needed.  

The Hope Sanctuary Animal Shelter
Nestled in the rolling hills of Newcastle, St. John, the Hope Sanctuary is located off the beaten track on the East coast, in a tranquil, secluded and calming setting with a beautiful view.  

Fortunately The Hope Sanctuary was given the funds to purchase the Newcastle property by Susan Colt-Robert in 2010. In the last ten years Cornelia has accomplished a lot of her dreams, regardless of all the criticism, opposition, obstacles and financial hardship. She still has a few projects she wants to finish, most importantly to resurrect the neutering bus with a low-income clinic. The Hope feels strongly about work with the community improving living conditions and keep animals in their homes wherever possible. 

Although it is not easy to re-home a lot of the animals into good homes in Barbados, there is an adoption program in place with very strict rules for the adoption and the environment the animals will go to. Dogs and cats are in need of a good home to go to. Kind people are needed for adoption….People who care about the welfare of their pets. 

For some animals the Hope is only a temporary home, for others it will be the only home they know. Some of them are young and healthy, some are old and sick and others have been so severely abused that it is hard for them to rebuild the trust they need. No matter what the situation is, with its NO KILL policy in place, The Hope Sanctuary is a true Sanctuary for those little creatures. Therefore we can always need helping hands, volunteers who share the same visions and are enthusiastic about helping animals in need. 

Running Cost - Without any emergencies, the annual running cost of the sanctuary is approximately $150,000. 

Cash or food donations are very much appreciated. Atlantic Marketing, The Belle Estate, St. Michael is the official supplier of our feed and anyone can contact them and donate some money towards The Hope Sanctuary account.

Our wish list is long but we are always in need of dog and cat food, pillows and blankets, laundry detergent, toys and much more.

Please help us to protect our animals. Report animal abuse!

Because the welfare of the animals always comes first visitors have to make an appointment with one of our volunteers/helpers if they want to see the Sanctuary. When it comes to feeding time cleaning and other animal related errands, we can't stop until everything is done. So please feel free to contact us.

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The Hope Sanctuary Barbados Animal Shelter
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