The Lighthouse Terrace, Barbados

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Appetizers & Salads
Lighthouse Salad
Lettuce leaves, emmenthal cheese, turkey breast, tomato wedges, hard boiled eggs and cucumbers served with your choice of dressing.

Mediterranean Mezza
Hummus (chick peas), Baba Gannoush (egg plant), Vegetable samosas, Tzaziki (plain yogurt, cucumber and mint).

Smoked Salmon Plate
Served with a sweet potato salad and a fresh lime chive cream.

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
Plum tomatoes and mozzarella with basil pesto and lettuce leaves.

Garden Salad
The lightest salad of mixed lettuce leaves, cucumbers and tomatoes tossed with a choice of thousand island, lemon olive oil, French dressing and mustard vinaigrette.

Caeser Salad
A Hilton classic of romaine lettuce leaves in Caesar dressing with bacon, herbed bread croutons, anchovy fillets and parmesan cheese.

Chicken Caesar Salad
With grilled chicken breast

Shrimp Caesar Salad
With grilled prawns

Salad Buffet Course
Enjoy the daily buffet salad bar - One visit to the buffet

French Onion
The classic soup of roasted onions gratinated with gruyere cheese.

Soup of the Day
Daily fresh soup. Ask your order taker for details

Barbados Chicken Broth
A smooth broth of chicken and vegetables with traditional recipe dumplings

Pizza & Pasta
Italian Goat Cheese Pizza
Prosciutto ham, mushrooms, bell peppers, black olives, basil, oregano, goat cheese

Pizza Vegetariana
Tomato slices, mushrooms, artichokes, sweet corn and dried basil topped with mozzarella cheese

Penne Arabiatta
Penne tossed in a spicy tomato, garlic and basil sauce

Spaghetti Bolognaise
The traditional spaghetti with a tasty beef and tomato sauce, served with parmesan cheese

Asian Chicken Pizza
Marinated chicken strips, mushrooms, peppers, Japanese ginger and mozzarella cheese topped with just a hint of sesame oil

Pizza Frutti di Mare
Tomato sauce, mixed seafood, smoked salmon, oregano, mozzarella and olive oil

Pizza Margherita
Tomato sauce, oregano and mozzarella cheese

Pizza Margherita
Spaghetti noodles coated with a tomato and herb sauce. Served with parmesan cheese

Hilton Club Sandwich
A triple decker of Chicken breast, bacon, tomato, fried egg, lettuce and mayonnaise. Served with coleslaw salad and fries

The Rueben
A famous sandwich of German mustard, sauerkraut, beef pastrami and gruyere cheese pan seared between rye bread and baked. Served with potato salad and dill pickles

The Mediterranean Grill
Grilled vegetables, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella serve as the base to this flavourful sandwich. Served in toasted ciabatta bread

Sandwich Selector 1, 2, 3 - Make your own sandwich!
Select from 4 types of bread (Ciabatta, Rye Bread, White Toast, Whole Wheat Toast) 8 fillings (Turkey Breast, Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Roast Beef, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Lettuce) , and serve with coleslaw and french fries

Hilton Burger
8 oz grilled US beef burger, tomato, lettuce, onion and dill pickles served in a sesame bun

Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Burger
8 oz. grilled US beef burger topped with mushrooms and Swiss cheese

Needham?s Burger
8 oz. grilled US beef burger topped with fried onions, bacon and cheddar cheese

Veggie Burger
A burger patty made from beans and vegetables, served with fresh tomato salsa and pan fried onions

From the Grill
Beef Tenderloin
8 oz of US Beef tenderloin served with peppercorn sauce

Grilled Prawns
Flavoured with herbs and olive oil

Catch of the Day
Daily caught fish or seafood topped with fresh herb butter

Sirloin Steak
8oz of US Beef sirloin served with béarnaise or pepper corn sauce

Lamb Cutlets
Three Australian lamb cutlets flavoured with rosemary

Cajun Chicken Breast
Pan seared with Cajun spices and served with cilantro butter sauce

Main Course
Thai Chicken Curry
Succulent chicken breast cooked in a red curry sauce with eggplant and basil leaves. Served with

Fish and Chips
Deep fried Mahi Mahi in a crispy batter and served with tartar sauce

Red Bean and Lentil Chilli
Casserole of red beans and lentils, spiced up with local spices and served with sweet corn rice

Breakfast a la Carte
Choice of Fresh Yogurt
Plain with Fruit or Low Fat

with Maple Syrup

Mixed Cheese Platter

Two Eggs Any Style
with Bacon or Sausage and Hashbrowns

Omelet of Your Choice
Plain, with Mushrooms, Cheese, Ham or Fine Herbs and Tomatoes

Your Selection of Cereals
Server with Hot or Cold Milk

Bakery Basket (3 pieces)
Served with Butter and Preserves

Fresh Fruit Platter

Chilled Juices
Fresh Orange, Mango, Grapefruit, Apple or Tomato

Tea or Coffee (Single Cup)

Tea or Coffee (Serve 2)

Come enjoy breakfast, lunch & dinner at Lighthouse Terrace, the Resort?s indoor / outdoor eatery.

Menu served from 11:00 am until last order at 10:30 pm

Themed Dinner Buffets: 6:00 am until 10:00 pm

All prices inclusive of 15% VAT and 10% service charge.

Bookings are preferred but not essential.

For those with special dietary requirements or allergies who wish to know about the ingredients used, please ask for the restaurant manager.

Dress Code ? Dry swimwear is allowed during breakfast and lunch but we ask that guests cover appropriately with wraps, tops and shorts.

Credit Cards Accepted


The Lighthouse Terrace Menu Bar

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