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The Medford Craft World is a Mahogany Craft Village, and the most highly recognised centre for genuine Barbadian mahogany souvenirs and gifts.

Owned by self taught artist Dr. Reggie Medford, the shop feature a beautiful array of hand carved birds, boats, fish, clocks and other local crafts. Best of all, visitors can watch the craftsmen as they work in and among piles of mahogany. A visit to Medford Craft Village immerses you into the world of Barbadian craftsmanship.

Medford Craft world sits cloistered in a beautiful landscape of trees and lawns, where we make the most beautifully hand crafted pieces in Barbados. Enjoy a guided tour of the work shops, and view the step by step process of how our pieces are made

Contact Info
Medford Craft World
White Hall Main Road
St. Michael
Tel: (246) 425-1919

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