Blackmans Gully & Bridge

In the eastern part of Barbados you will find Blackmans Gully and Bridge, one of the island’s best kept secrets and oldest natural treasures.

Blackman’s Gully is located in the parish of St Joseph and features a beautiful nature trail engulfed by lush vegetation, with lots of rare birds and fauna. It is especially known for sightings of green monkeys and various plants with medicinal value.

This 200 year old gully was hidden for many years and used as an illegal dump until The Future Centre Trust ‘Clean Up Barbados’ program removed tones of garbage blocking its natural course.

Since the clean up, Blackmans Gully has been attracting hikers and tour guides offering guided “Gully Walks” through the winding trail.

Island Safari Jeep Tours have also included visits to this gully in their island tours. 

To promote the area and educate the general public about the geography and usefulness of the gully’s ecosystem, the Ministry of Tourism in association with the Ministry of Environment included it in the Tourism-In-De-Gully series. 

Complementing this area is the 17th century limestone Blackman’s Bridge, which spans over the gully.

When trekking through Blackmans Gully nature trail, you get to see the exotic flora and fauna of this tropical forest communing with nature.


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Blackmans Gully & Bridge
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