Roebuck Street

Located in the capital city of historic Bridgetown, this lively stretch called Roebuck Street was the main area for merchants doing provisional trade during the 19th century, later becoming the main hub for commercial wholesale.

Roebuck Street started out as a track in the 1600s, with a gully and a causeway bridge situated at the upper end.

After the first set of marl streets were laid between the 16th to 17th century, plantation owners began to bring their rum, molasses and sugar to Roebuck Street.  

The street was named after a popular watering-hole called ‘The Roebuck Tavern’, which was said to be the first tavern in the city, and one of the establishment used by the Barbados Council and Assembly for meetings during the 1670s.  

The Roebuck Tavern was owned by Henry Hawley and was located somewhere in the vicinity of the Central Bank of Barbados. The property was said to be originally built by Thomas Noell a former London merchant.

The buildings on Roebuck street featured overhanging balconies, and were one and two door shops and businesses at the bottom with the proprietors residing at the top.

Today Roebuck Street is known for bargain shopping and is still one of the main commercial hubs in the city of Bridgetown, now offering both retail and wholesale, with a mix of offices, bars, rum shops and restaurants dotted in between. They are also a few shopping malls and plazas located along this stretch.

Connecting roads/streets include High Street, Magazine Lane and Palmetto Street at the lower end and Harmony Road, Tweedside Road and Halls Road at the upper end. Other connecting streets in between include Spry St, Gills Rd, Country Rd and Perry Gap. Crumpton St separates Lower Roebuck St from Upper Roebuck St. 

The area of Roebuck Street was referred to as the 'New Burnt District', after a big fire in 1853 destroyed 97 buildings in the area.

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This street is located in the Historic Bridgetown & its Garrison area
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