The Williams Vault

Built in 1660, the Williams Vault in Barbados, was infamous for supernatural activity and was home to the remains of the Williams family headed by General William Asygell Williams for over 300 years.

General William Asygell Williams was a general in the Welsh Fusilier Regiment under the power of Oliver Cromwell, who later took the general and others prisoner for switching sides and supporting the Royalist. They were then shipped to the British West Indies, with General Williams ending up in Barbados where he acquired Property and land such as the land on which Welchman Hall Gully is now located.

It is said that all the activity in the vault started after the coffin of the catholic wife of one of the General?s four sons was placed in the vault with the rest of the Williams family. General Williams and his family, who were of protestant faith, were not pleased with the marriage of his son to a catholic woman and hence the belief that the protestant family were fighting with the catholic woman, because they didn't want her in the vault.

After the son?s wife?s coffin was placed in the vault, the next visit to the vault found all the coffins rearranged with the General?s coffin standing upright. This event repeated itself after another visit to the vault, this time causing alarm. There was no evidence of intrusion or tampering of the vault leaving the sceptics with no rational explanation for the occurrence.

Amazingly after it was decided to remove the son?s catholic wife's coffin from the vault, there was no more movement of the remaining coffins in the vault.

The Williams Vault is located in Vault Road, St Thomas.

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The Williams Vault

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