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For over a century the historic Garrison area in Barbados operated as a British Garrison.

During the 1700s the British Government established permanent land forces in the Windward and Leeward Islands with Barbados as headquarters.

Construction of the British Garrison later began leaving behind a legacy of buildings, artillery and artifacts.

Because of the island’s many forts and batteries around that time it became one of the most fortified islands of the British West Indies.

This area now features plenty sites and properties with architectural and historical interest dating back to the 1600s. 

Below are some Memorial Monuments within Barbados’ Garrison commemorating the death of soldiers and officers from the British Regiment who died or were killed while stationed on the island during war time.

We’ve used St Ann’s Garrison Savannah as the central focal point to provide locations.

Military Memorial Monuments in the Garrison Historic Area 

Hurricane 1831 Soldier Memorial Monument
This is a Memorial Monument for the soldiers of the 36th Regiment who were killed during the destructive hurricane of 1831.

The monument was erected by Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the same corp. as a tribute of respect to their departed comrades.

On August 11th the hurricane 1831 destroyed the regimental barracks and hospital killing fourteen soldiers and a wife, who were buried nearby in the Garrison area. 

LOCATION: Bush Hill area, The Garrison, St Michael
DIRECTIONS: Along the Southwestern border of the Garrison Savannah (near the
George Washington House)

37th Regiment Of Foot War Memorial Monument

This Monument was erected in memory of the fallen British Officers and Soldiers of the Royal York Rangers who died in action while fighting during 1809 and 1810. 

They lost their lives at the West Indies Campaign of 1804 – 1810, a series of wars with Great Britain, at which France lost most of its first empire including Martinique, Les Saintes Islands and Guadeloupe. These wars caused a significant reduction of the French, Dutch and Danish Colonies. 

The Army was led by lieutenant General Sir George Beckwith K.B. of the 37th Regiment.  

LOCATION: Bush Hill/Dalkeith Road junction, The Garrison, St Michael
DIRECTIONS: Along the Northeastern border of the Garrison Savannah (opposite the
Barbados Museum) 

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Home of the World War soldiers memorial for those who died in battle and were never found, as well as the memorial for Sir Errol Walton Barrow a pilot with the Royal Air Force and the first Prime Minister of Barbados.

These monuments are now part of the Barbados Garrison Historic Area.
…A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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The Cenotaph War Memorial
Located in Bridgetown andcommemorate Barbadians who died during the (2) World Wars.

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