Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station

This is the completely restored Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station, an old signal station which was once buried beneath years of foliage and undergrowth.

It was built in 1819 and later restored as a tourist attraction and part of the Barbados Wildlife Reserve setting.

On your tour you can gain a sense of how the British communicated island-wide from the top of the signal station, while enjoying some nice panoramic views. There's a little display of artifacts and a nature trail, a three mile ambling path that leads you through a tropical woodland forest. Lots of amusing bits of information posted along the way keeps interest keen. Green Monkeys is part of the wildlife seen here.

Grenade Hall Signal Station is one of the six signal stations placed around the island, after the major slave revolt in 1816. They were used to signal the military base at the Garrison savannah, of any slave rebellions or ships approaching.

Open Daily: 10am to 5pm


Located next to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Opposite Farley Hill National Park

Contact Info
Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station
Farley Hill
St Peter
Tel: (246) 422 8826

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