Old Law Courts & Town Hall Jail

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Built in 1730, the Old Barbados Law Courts Complex once housed the Council and Assembly, the Law Courts and Gaol.

Prior to this building, the Barbados Assembly met at various places, until 1724 when an Act was passed to provide a building for the Council and Assembly, Law Courts and Goal.

Five years after the building was completed, the Provost Marshal received permission to transfer convicts to the cells. The Town Hall Jail was also used as a detention centre for prisoners of war between 1747 to 1783.

Located in the historic Bridgetown area, this building served as the Town Hall until 1837 and the public gaol until 1874.  

In 1956, after the Supreme Court of Judicature Act was passed, it became home to all legal and judicial business in Barbados, and was officially renamed the Law Courts around 1958. 

Later, the 19th century verandah was added, and the Registration Office Building was built next to the Old Law Courts, physically joining the two buildings.

Locally called “the Court House”, for over two centuries the Old Law Courts Building on Coleridge Street served as the Supreme Court and the centre of administration of justice on the island, housing the Court of Appeals and the High Court.

The building is of Georgian architecture, featuring flattened arches and dentils, and is surrounded by a network of legal districts with law chambers in the Coleridge St, Whitepark Rd, Pinfold St and Magazine Ln areas.

To construct this building, the Public Magazine which was built in 1683 and stored ammunition for the island's defence, was demolished in 1728 to make room for this structure.

The Old Law Courts operated as the centre for local legislature and judiciary until 2009, when the new Supreme Court of Barbados Complex at Whitepark Road opened October 5th 2009.

This property is now part of Historic Bridgetown & its Garrison area
…A UNESCO World Heritage Site

NOTE: The buildings listed above are not open for general public viewing or tours

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The New Barbados Law Courts Building/Complex is now home to:

For more information go to - http://www.lawcourts.gov.bb/


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Old Law Courts & Town Hall Jail
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