Old Spirit Bond

The Old Spirit Bond in Barbados was once used as a warehouse for rum and other spirits during the 18th century.

Before the island had a Deep Water Harbour, rum for export was stored at the Spirit Bond building, located in historic Bridgetown, the capital city.

Its location at the Bridgetown Careenage was ideally chosen so as to facilitate easy loading of rum barrels from the bond to small boats, which then transported the barrels to the cargo ships docked further offshore. At that time the careenage was used by trading vessels to exchanged cargo mainly for sugar, rum and molasses.

After the Deep Water Harbour was built, there was no need for the Spirit Bond and eventually it fell into disrepair.

The building was used by the Customs Department for a while, but was later restored and converted into a modern shopping centre, which is now called the “Old Spirit Bond Mall”

The roof and timber elements were demolished, while the building's original brick walls were retained.  

This property is now part of Historic Bridgetown & its Garrison area
…A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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