The Pierhead

The PIERHEAD in Barbados is located in the capital city of historic Bridgetown along its careenage.

It was once used as a port of entry and housed a series of warehouses during 19th century, but has since been used for many different purposes.

Originally, there was a tiny island called “Little Island”, located at the upper end of the pier head,. This island was reclaimed and joined to Barbados in 1770, during the revamping of the area and the construction of a new wharf.

The funding for the development was assisted through a 5000 pound grant from the British Government and the  implementation of a tonnage duty on all shipments to the island, but during the great hurricane of 1831, much of this area known then as “Molehead” was destroyed. The Mole Head area was once home to the Barbados Coast Guard Headquarters from the 1980s until 2007.

During 1837 – 1846, a new extended wharf was built under the direction of the Royal Engineers stationed here with the British Garrison.

In the 1600s forts were established to protect the shipping anchorage in the Bridgetown Careenage, Pierhead and Carlisle Bay area. These forts were Fort Willoughby, James Fort and Charles Fort.

Did you know?

Today you will find a variety of businesses located at the Bridgetown Pierhead.

A new Pierhead Marina project is now in the works.

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The Pierhead
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