Rock Hall Village

The Rock Hall Village was originally part of Mount Wilton Plantation which was owned by Reynold Elcock. This young white planter, 32 years of age at the time of his death left a will giving each of his over 100 adult male slaves 5 pounds sterling a year.

One night in 1820, a slave named Godfrey after finding out about the will killed his master by cutting his throat. Godfrey was executed for his act and the remaining slaves did not receive their monies until Emancipation in 1838. After receiving the money, the slaves now free, bought some of the land of the estate forming the first free village which was at the time nicknamed 'Cut throat village'.

Other planters in St Thomas willed their plantations to their coloured children born to slave mothers, an example of this was William Ellis whose son was the first coloured man to be elected to the House of Assembly. 

After Rock Hall Barbados' first village, many villages were established by Barbadians working abroad on the Panama Canal in the 1900s'.

The Rock Hall Village is located in the parish of St Thomas and is home to the Rock Hall Freedom Monument.

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Rock Hall Village
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