St John's Parish Church

The ST JOHN'S PARISH CHURCH is the most fascinating church in Barbados. It was originally built from stone in 1660, but later destroyed by hurricane in 1831 and rebuilt in 1836.

This gothic style church is located on the top of a cliff and is not only known for its spectacular view of the picturesque East Coast, but for many other fascinating features as well. 

The beautiful architecture and collection of historic tombs and gravestones dating back to the 1600s would be a start. There are even graves which are built into the floor of the church.

The perfectly crafted Pulpit which is made of six different types of wood, demonstrates the extraordinary craftsmanship of that time.

There is also a sculpture in the church showing the Madonna and Child with the infant Saint John and a hand crafted wooden stair case.

INSIDE St John’s Church

The Nave
The columns, pews and organ loft are made from Cedar and Pitch Pine.

High Altar
The Altar is made up of brass rails, stained glass windows and mahogany furniture.

There is also a brass plate with the following inscription:
IM, Isaac Tingling, Died June 11 1921, and of, Annie Tingling, Died June 28 1909, RIP

Lectern (Reading Stand)
The Lectern is made of brass and is in the shape of an eagle standing on a globe with outspread wings.

The globe has the following inscription:
In memoriam, Mary Georgian Hart, Born 11 May 1851, Died 27 Sept. 1902”  

The Pulpit is octagonal in shape with carved tracery panels. It was made by a local craftsman from Ebony, Mahogany, Manchineel, Locust-Oak and Pitch Pine.   

Bishop’s Chair
This beautifully carved piece of work is made of Mahogany.

The font is also octagonal in shape and made of Caen stone. The body is supported by four circular Venetian marble columns, with carvings symbolising the four Evangelist. It is surrounded by a wooden protective balustrade.

The Sanctuary
Mahogany panelled with four imitation mosaic panels surrounded by frame construction incorporating carved lettering and symbols. The cross of David is situated at both ends of the top.

Sculpture of the Madonna
This Westmacott sculpture of the Madonna and Child commemorates Elizabeth Pinder.

Below the sculpture is one of the oldest tombstones in the church dated 1666.
On the floor are other ancient tombstones.
At the back of the church there is a tombstone dating back to 1666.

Memorial to the first Rector of St John’s Parish Church
This memorial plaque is located behind the choir stalls. Reverend Williams Leslie was born in 1653 and died in 1676.   

OUTSIDE St John’s Church
The church yard is filled with ancient vaults

Tomb of Ferdinando Paleologus

In the Church Yard rests the tomb of Ferdinando Paleologus, a descendent of the brother of the great Emperor Constantine XI, the last of the Byzantine Emperors from the 1400’s.

This circular brass dial can still be used to gauge time.

The View from St John’s Parish Church
The church boasts one of the most breathtaking views of the eastern coastline and the Atlantic Ocean on the island.

Contact Info
St John's Parish Church
Parris Hill
St John
Tel: (246) 433 5599

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