The Cage

During the 1600s, The Cage in Bridgetown Barbados was where persons of colour were placed for committing minor offences.

It was originally built in the 1640s, and was located at what is now the ‘Chamberlain Place’ Building, which is situated in the Heroes Square (formerly Trafalgar Square) on Broad Street.   

The Common Cage, as it was called back then was initiated by Governor Philip Bell, but was terminated after his tenure, and rebuilt in 1654 after a riot in Bridgetown, instigated by many disgruntle seamen.

After a number of slave rebellions on the island, an Act was implemented in 1688 for captured runaway slaves to be detained in the new Common Cage, where they would be whipped and placed in a Pillory, until their masters came to reclaim them.

In 1818, after years of damage by natural disasters and several requests by the public to eliminate the Cage, it was relocated to the Pierhead area.

In 1838, the purpose of the Cage was nullified after slavery was abolished in 1834 and emancipation was gained.

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