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The Screw Dock in Barbados was built between 1887 and 1893 with Victorian engineering. This dock is also known as the Dry Dock or the Blackwood Dock or Blackman’s Screw Lifting Dock.

The Bridgetown Dry Dock was built in 1887, while the actual Screw Lifting Dock started construction in 1889 and was completed in 1893.

It had a lifting capacity of 1,200 tons, measuring 240ft in length with a 46ft beam and a 13ft shaft. It also operated on steam, but later converted to electricity. It could handle vessels drawing not more than 14 ft of water. 

Ships came into the Bridgetown Careenage and had their vessels lifted out of the water for repairs and to be cleaned in the dock. The boats were turned on their sides, so the bottoms could be scraped, caulked and painted. The dock was also used by the British Navy for boat repairs during World War II.

As one of the finest dry docks with excellent workmanship, this port was very busy and used by several steamships trading between United States and Brazil. 

After changing hands many times the dock yard went into receivership and finally closed in 1985.

The Bridgetown Screw Dock is the only dry dock of its kind known to exist in the world. It is located in historic Bridgetown at the upper end of the Pierhead.

After some restoration, BLACKWOODS SCREW DOCK is now a wonderful place to visit, offering a memorable glimpse through history you won't want to miss. This location is now home to Blackwoods Tavern...a Bridgetown watering hole and a great place to hang out.

Come visit this historic and unique site!
Take a walk through history as you enter our Historical Maritime Centre featuring interesting artefacts, displays and photos of Barbados from the 19th and 20th centuries. Then enjoy a cold refreshing drink from our bar and delicious local fare at Blackwoods Tavern.

Bridgetown Screw Dock Features:
- Historical Maritime Centre
- Blackwoods Tavern with delicious local cuisine & grilled food
- Covered seating along the waterfront
- Available for special events
- Free WiFi
- Shower and changing facilities
- Beach access with lounge chairs, and cabanas (COMING SOON!)

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The Blackwoods Screw Dock Barbados

...a Unique Historic Site

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Blackwoods Screw Dock is located in the
Historic Bridgetown & its Garrison area
…A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Contact Info
Blackwoods Screw Dock (aka Dry Dock)
Pierhead/Cavans Lane
St Michael
Tel: (246) 429 7032

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