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Perched atop a rocky ledge overlooking the breath-taking east coast, Round House Inn Restaurant and Bar is ideally located next to the famous Bathsheba 'Soup Bowl', the island's top surfing spot. This family-run business is situated in a 174 year old property which was built in 1832.

A cosy little place where you can really let your hair down and escape the hustle and bustle of the big city... a place enjoyed by locals and visitors alike... a place where you can find true solace and take the time to rediscover your soul and spirit.

Enveloped in rugged, pristine beauty, Round House Inn offers a special tranquility only the island's east coast can provide. Explore the local reef life in tide pools, climb along the wind-buffeted rock formations, walk along the miles of shell-filled beaches swept by the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, a jungle jaunt on horseback or a relaxing rooftop siesta by the fountain...your choice, your pace.

The Round House Inn Restaurant and Bar offers memorable dining, comfortable accommodation and some of the best live entertainment on the island. The atmosphere is homey and informal but the service is second to none.

It is the perfect place to get away from it all and experience the true unsullied beauty of Barbados. Dinner on a moonlight night is a must for the romantic at heart.

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Round House Inn Restaurant & Bar
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Round House Inn Restaurant & Bar , Barbados

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