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Sunday February 19 2017 Hike Barbados - Great Train Hike - Independence Square Barbados National Trust (BNT) HIKE BARBADOS 2017 CALENDAR:
SPECIAL HIKE - " Hike Barbados - Colin Hudson Great Train Hike " 
START - " INDEPENDENCE SQUARE ", Bridgetown, St Michael
DURATION: 5 hours

DIRECTIONS: South-end of Broad Street - South side of Careenage  

Today is one of National Trust Morning Hikes

WEAR: strong foot wear & a hat
BRING: Bottle water, snacks and a torch light for nightime hikes.

These Hikes are held every Sunday and are interesting & fun as well as help to educate locals & visitors about Barbados' history, geography, culture and its people.

(BNT) Barbados National Trust events:
Sunday Hikes start times: Morning 6am --- Afternoon 3:30pm --- Moonlight 5:30pm

GRADES: "Stop 'n Stare" - 6 miles / "Medium & Fast medium" - 9 miles / "Grin 'n Bear" - 12 miles. (Hikes in the afternoon repeat the morning "Stop 'n Stare" route)

Contact: Barbados National Trust (BNT)
PHONE: (246) 436-9033 or 426 2421
FAX: (246) 429 9055

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Have fun at the 2017 Hike Barbados Sunday walks