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In operation from 2007 with a "no-injuries" track record, Arial Trek continuously strive to maintain its safety record and a level of environmental sustainability. Some of our sustainable measures include recycling, instituting a no littering policy, reducing the usage of chemical products, adding to the fauna variety by planting fruit trees and flowers, and finally maintaining our environments natural appearance when can be seen in our car park and walking trails.


Platform Construction:

All platforms are made from hardwoods such as purple heart or greenheart primarily, using specifications by professional engineers working closely with certified challenge course technologists. Platforms are designed with low maintenance requirements. The decking also consists of the same hardwood providing resistance to ?wear and tear?. Cable systems consist of two independently anchored cables of ½?, 6-25 galvanized wire ropes with a minimum breaking strength of 11.5 tons. All cable, connections and hardware meet manufacturer?s specifications, as well as those of the Association of Challenge Course Technologists (ACCT) inspectors. These are changed every 20,000 transits or when significant wear occurs.
(The trees within which the platforms have been built were selected from the most durable trees available).

Equipment used on the course by both guides and visitors, meet international safety standards for intended use, such as CE mark, ISO standards or UIAA standards. Life support equipment have a minimum breaking strength of 5,000lbs. The equipment used can be divided into two categories, software and hardware. Software includes equipment such as the harnesses, and safety slings connected to the harness while hardware refers to the double lines of steel cables on which traveling is done from platform to platform, the pulleys, the helmets and the rappelling equipment. The life of the equipment can be impacted by the use and treatment by users and therefore recommended maintenance must be adhered to. The life of equipment can be compromised under the following circumstances:

The correct procedure to prevent against mistreatment of equipment is comprehensively covered in the training course. Such procedures include among others:

Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures & Ziplining Tours, Barbados

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