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Useful Information

BNT Sunday Hikes are interesting & fun and help to educate locals & visitors about Barbados' history, geography, culture and its people.

Hike Barbados started in 1983 with twelve (12) Hikers and now boasts over 8,000 walkers participating yearly.

Other organizations associated with the Hikes include: Barbados Heart Foundation, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

The hikes are FREE but donations are welcomed for the work of the Barbados National Trust (preserving our built and natural environment.)

We try our best to make the routes as interesting and fun as possible. This means following tracks and paths which are sometimes far from easy. Leaders make every effort to bring you back safely to the starting point, but please see disclaimer below.

Participants in our Hikes are advised that they do so AT THEIR OWN RISK. The Barbados National Trust, Butterfield Bank and Treading Lightly, their Agents and Employees accept NO LIABILITY for injury, loss or damage to any participant or their property by any cause whatsoever. Cars are parked at their owner's risk.

Check out Hike Barbados Calendar/Hiking Schedule...


Make a plan
Schedule a time to join the walk, plan your route, and decide how long you will walk. Stick to that plan.

Find a buddy

Walking with a buddy is more fun and a great motivator. Hint: look for the people with a spring in their in step, a smile on their face and a positive attitude that will lead to success! Do a "Talk Test" you should be able to maintain a conversation with your buddy without getting winded. If you can't, slow down a bit.

Be safe

Avoid paths with uneven pavements/sidewalks. Observe all traffic laws. Whenever you share the road with traffic, walk facing oncoming traffic. Carry personal identification with you.

Wear proper clothing and shoes

Wear clothes that are light coloured as this helps to reflect the sun's heat. Use sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Don't wear tight clothing - go for a loose top and shorts, or light weight trousers.

Drink water

When you exercise, you need extra water to maintain normal body temperature and cool your muscles. Drink before, during, and after your walk (1-15 cups of water for a 20-minute walk.) Drink small amounts of water often, instead of a half a bottle at a time. Even if you don't feel thirsty you should still have a drink at least every 1 minutes as the older we get then the less we are aware our thirsty feelings.

Learn to walk properly
There is a proper technique!

  1. Keep your chin up and your shoulders back.
  2. Walk so that the bed of your fool touches the ground first then roll your weight forward.
  3. If you want an intense walking experience swing your arms as you walk.

Start and finish technique
A few minutes of gentle stretching allows the heart rate and muscles to return to normal.

Motivate yourself
Planning a healthy reward for yourself when you reach a certain goal

If it's paining you're not necessarily gaining. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion potentially are very serious so if you get a headache or feel dizzy then stop walking immediately, have a rest, a drink and cool down.

"Hike Barbados" Calendar Booklets with directions and map are provided annually, and can be picked up at:

Barbados National Trust Headquarters
Wildey House, Wildey, St Michael.
Phone: (246) 436-9033 or 426-2421
Fax: (246) 429-9055


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