Are you looking for Multi-Activity Children's Day Camps and Teens Youth Camps in Barbados? ?Then you?ve come to the right place.

On this page you can find School Holiday Childcare and specialized Day Clubs for Kids offering the best in thrills, challenges and adventure, with experienced well-trained staff and instructors providing tuition for all levels, and creating arts and crafts projects, as well as sports competitions, so your child is guaranteed to learn a new skill and have fun.

These day camps are well-suited for both locals and visitors on the island, and allow children to play, create and discover, while exploring nature and enjoying action-filled outdoor activities in a safe environment.

In Barbados there are a variety of options for Easter Camps, Summer Camps and Christmas Camps, most of them providing programmes to advance your child?s development, and designed to appeal to children of all ages. There are also a range of Sports Camps offering a choice of Landsports or Watersports, and can include from soccer, tennis, cricket, golf, gymnastics and horseback riding to surfing, kayaking and scuba diving.

Below you will find a list of Companies, Groups and Organisations offering Children?s Camps in Barbados with experiences to suit almost every parent and child.

Underwater Barbados Watersports Centre Barbados Since 1989 Underwater Barbados has been operating dives from the ideally located centre of the beautiful and tranquil Carlisle Bay.
Welchman Hall Gully Barbados Experience a cool green jungle walk, through a deep gully filled with hundreds of exotic trees and plants, including an orchard and nutmeg species.