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The Savannah Beach Hotel in Barbados is situated in the Garrison Historic Area on the south coast of the island, and was built in the mid 1700's. Modern day convenience combined with Old World Charm create an unforgettable experience. Its original main building is nicely complimented by the ultra modern architecture and tropical foliage of its newly built extension. Together, they comprise one hundred of the most luxurious rooms on the South coast. 

Racheal's Bar & Restaurant
Drifters Beach Bar & Restaurant

- It was built in the mid 1700’s as the canteen for the British soldiers garrisoned here.
- It became known as Sheriff’s House from the early 1800’s.
- In 1887 the property was opened as the Seaview Hotel.
- The property is the oldest hotel operation in Barbados.

Architectural interest
Originally, the main building consisted of two adjacent houses, but the Eastern most building is the one of major architectural interest. It is lavishly built, largely of English ballast bricks with a central hallway and double balconies, exactly like the single houses of Charleston, North Carolina. Its ornate cast-iron balconies are reminiscent of New Orleans and are of North American design; however the massive door hinges resemble the British Garrison buildings. The cannon embedded in the wall at the front of the hotel marks the division between two buildings which were joined to form one hotel. The double staircase at the end of the main corridor is typical of buildings built in the Victorian era. Because the glimpse of a lady’s ankle could stir the passion of a man, ladies and gentlemen used separate staircases. The Annex was originally the home of the Adjunct General and was later turned into a restaurant.

The furniture in the lobby typifies what may have been found in an old plantation Great House. The property has several water features, including “drip-stones” which were an integral part of the old plantations. Traditionally, these three coral pots were suspended one above the other. The water percolated from the top one through the middle one and was collected in the bottom pot which was glazed. This dripping process helped to cool the water, providing clean and cool water for the family. Today, the hotel combines the historic feel of the original buildings with a modern architectural design and contemporary amenities for the convenience of our guests


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Savannah Beach Hotel
The Garrison
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Savannah Beach Hotel, Barbados

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