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As a Christian society, CHRISTMAS DAY IN BARBADOS is an important religious holiday celebrated by Barbadians at church, and socially with family and friends enjoying Bajan traditions, customs and special Christmas activities and events.

Like other Caribbean islands and most countries throughout the world, Christmas Day in Barbados is celebrated on December 25th and is a national holiday used to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Christmas Season in Barbados is one of the island’s favourite times for Bajans to shop, eat, drink, and be merry through Christmas parties, limes, dinners and luncheons at the homes of family and friends. It is also a great time for locals to take advantage of the many sales and specials offered at restaurants and stores across Barbados.

A Tropical Caribbean Island Christmas Holiday in Barbados for visitors
Because the Christmas holiday period is winter time in most North American and European (UK) Countries, it has become the peak for Barbados’ tourist season, with many travelers and tourist from around the world, choosing to bring their families to this Caribbean destination for a tropical Christmas vacation. Trading in their winter gear for beach wear and enjoying the gorgeous beaches, warm sunshine and the hospitality of our friendly people. You are welcome to use the Fun Barbados Guide to plan your Christmas island vacation.

Local Christmas Traditions & Customs in Barbados
Traditionally bajans use the Christmas season to “spring clean” and fix or renovate their homes. This is when houses get a thorough cleaning and are spruced up with a paint-job, a change of curtains and even new furniture. During this time Barbadians are very busy juggling their jobs with house-cleaning and shopping for Christmas gifts, household items and groceries for that special day, as well as for all the social events hosted for the season. 

Music and decorating are also a big part of the Christmas celebrations in Barbados, with businesses and homes being decorated and lit up in the traditional red and green. A prominent feature during this period is the decorative lighting of Bridgetown the Capital and at roundabouts along major highways. Packing the family in the car for a ‘Christmas drive’ to see the lights is an annual tradition for many on the island.

In Barbados many Christmas concerts are held throughout the entire month of December at various churches, bandstands and parks in communities across the island, along with a range of other Christmas activities and events. Musical entertainment at these events can include both international and bajan Christmas music and songs done by local artistes, choirs, the Royal Barbados Police Force Band or even a Tuk Band. Two of the most anticipated concerts and shows are ‘Christmas Jazz’ and the Rotary Club’s ‘Candles By Candlelight’.

Traditional Carols and original Christmas music can be heard on radio stations, featuring bajan groups and artistes like The Cecilian Singers, Sing Out Barbados, The Merrymen, Joseph Niles, The Draytons Two, The Sandpebbles, as well as a number of Spouge artist and other popular Barbadian performers.

For many Barbadians, their Christmas Day festivities in Barbados start with worship at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, or an early Christmas Morning Church Service. Then it’s on to Queens Park, dressed in your finest, for a stroll in the promenade to meet up with friends not seen for awhile, as you enjoy the festive xmas tunes.

Annually visitors to the island along with hundreds of bajans, flock to celebrate Christmas morning in Queens Park and to be part of this tradition. Music is compliments of the Royal Barbados Police Force Band, a Tuk Band and other gospel performers. Cultural entertainment is also part of the morning’s itinerary, but the fashion statements showcased by locals of all ages and social backgrounds are the major highlight of the morning. On parade you will see from back-in-time outfits to the latest fashion trends.

After your morning in the park, it’s time for a traditional bajan Christmas Lunch with all the favourite menu dishes and trimmings that go with the holiday season. Food and alcoholic spirits are a big part of the Christmas celebrations and almost every festive event on the island.

Christmas Day in Barbados is traditionally spent with close family enjoying Christmas dishes like Jug-Jug, Glazed Baked Ham and Great Cake (Christmas rum & fruit cake). Other favourites include baked pork and butter-basted turkey, green peas & rice as well as sweet potato pie, all done with traditional recipes. Two favourite Christmas drinks/beverages for bajans are Sorrel Drink and Punch-a-Cream.       

After lunch it’s time to drop off gifts and visit relatives and friends for the remainder of Christmas day and during Boxing Day. Many locals use Boxing Day to have picnics, host parties, meet up for drinks and to drive around to admire the Christmas lights and decorations.

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Christmas Day Celebrations in Barbados
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Here are some ways to celebrate Christmas Day, Xmas Eve and Boxing Day 
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