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Walking Tour

Fun Barbados: Jolly Roger Tavern - BRIDGETOWN Walking Tour

Come join us on one of our Historic Tours of Bridgetown, where you will be intrigued by its architectural beauty as you learn of its history.

Let our knowledgeable and friendly guide take you through a historic journey of the island's capital.

Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados was originally named Indian Bridge after it had been constructed over the river (known as the "Careenage") by the Indians. The name was changed when a new bridge was built in its place in 1654.

Although Barbados was well known to Spanish and Portuguese sailors prior to the 16th century, England did not become acquainted with the island until the 17th century on May 14th, 1625, when a ship led by the English Captain John Powell stopped to explore the island. The English eventually settled here on February 17th, 1627. The earliest inhabitants on Barbados were nomadic Native Americans (often called "Amerindians").

English settlement of Bridgetown began on 5 July 1628 under Charles Wolverstone, who brought with him 64 settlers to these lands formally claimed by James Hay, the Earl of Carlisle. Wolverstone, had been dispatched by a group of London Merchants, headed by Sir Marmaduke Rawdon.

Bridgetown Tourist Attractions, Landmarks and Historic sights/sites

Historic Bridgetown Walking Tour Package (2HRs)(11am - 1pm): US $50.00
- Walking tour
- Drinks
- Lunch
- Entertainment
- Transportation

- St. Mary's Church
- The Jewish Synagogue
- St. Michael's Cathedral
- Queens Park
- Parliament Buildings
- Heroes Square

Tours start at the Jolly Roger Tavern in Bridgetown

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