Charles Duncan O'Neal Bridge

The Charles Duncan O'Neal Bridge in Barbadosis one of two bridges located in Bridgetown which stretches over the Careenage (Constitution River). It is located parallel to the neighbouring Chamberlain Bridge and next to the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal.

This bridge was completed by 1681, and was the second bridge to be built over the river. It was constructed after the Chamberlain Bridge was repeatedly damaged and destroyed throughout the years, and it became necessary to have two bridges.

The construction of the Charles Duncan O'Neal Bridge was originally funded by levying a tax on slaves. It was also originally know as the 'East Bridge while the Chamberlain Bridge was the 'West Bridge'.  

The bridge was named after Dr Charles Duncan O’Neal the founder of the Democratic League and the Working Men Association.

Dr Charles Duncan O’Neal worked on behalf of the poor and the disadvantaged and established the Democratic League in 1924, and the Working Men's Association in 1926. In 1932 he was elected to the House of Assembly.

Mr O’Neal is also one of the (10) Barbados National Heroes.

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This bridge is now part of Historic Bridgetown & its Garrison area
…A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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South end of Broad Street

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Charles Duncan O'Neal Bridge
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