Culpepper Island

This uninhabited island called 'CULPEPPER ISLAND' is a small rock which has only wild shrubs and coconut trees, is located just over 250 ft off Barbados on the eastern coastline, in close proximity to Ragged Point and Skeete's Bay. Its name came from the Culpepper Family who owned property in this area during the 1700's.

The size of the island is approx. 70ft x 100ft and is about 20ft above sea level. It is separated from Barbados by a channel of about 100 ft wide and is the only one left of the two islands located off Barbados.

The other uninhabited island was Pelican Island which was joined to Barbados when the Bridgetown Harbour was built. It was named after the Pelicans nesting in the area, and was home to a Quarantine facility which was used by ships for sick passengers and its crew.

Culpepper Island can be reached by swimming during low tide, but be cautious as this is the Atlantic Ocean side of Barbados which usually has lots of undertow. Some locals use boats to reach the island.

During March of 2006 the Lokono-Arawak and Karifuna-Carib tribes made claim to Culpepper Island

They were descendants of Princess Marian, daughter of the last Hereditary Lokono Arawak Chief Amorotahe Haubariria (Flying Harpy Eagle) of the Eagle Clan, and the Karifuna Carib ambassadors from the island of Dominica.

We are still awaiting the out-come.

This area is a great photo opportunity.

CAUTION: Look out for sea urchins

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Culpepper Island
Located off St Philip coastline

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