National Heroes Square

This square is located in historic Bridgetown and was once called the 'Trafalgar Square' but was later renamed 'NATIONAL HEROES SQUARE' in April 1999, to celebrate the achievements of some of the outstanding Heroes who played a significant role in the development of Barbados.

The area of the Trafalgar/National Heroes Square incorporates the controversial statue of statue of Admiral Lord Nelson, the Dolphin Fountain Garden and The Cenotaph. The square's beautiful and historic ambiance makes it a perfect location for many cultural events, and is a main attraction for tourist to take photos of historic buildings and monuments, or just to sit, relax and enjoy the bajan culture.

Changes to this area are expected in the future, with more emphasis on the Heroes of Barbados and their accomplishments. 


  1. Mrs. Sarah Ann Gill: (1795 – 1866)
  2. Bussa (African Slave): (? – 1816)
  3. Dr. Charles Duncan O'Neal: (1879 – 1936)
  4. Mr. Errol Walton Barrow P.C., Q.C. : (1920 – 1987)
  5. Mr. Samuel Jackman Prescod: (1806 – 1871)
  6. Mr. Clement Osbourne Payne: (1904 – 1941)
  7. Sir Grantley Herbert Adams Q.C., Kt., Bachelor, C.M.G. : (1898 – 1987)
  8. Sir Hugh Worrell Springer G.C.V.O.,K.A., C.B.E., O.B.E. : (1913 – 1994)
  9. Sir Frank Leslie Walcott: (1916 – 1998)
  10. Sir Garfield St. Auburn Sobers: (1936 – still alive)


Other Historic Attractions near Trafalgar/National Heroes Square:

This property is part of the Historic Bridgetown & its Garrison area
…A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Upper Broad Street (opposite the Parliament Buildings
Located at the South-end of Broad Street

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National Heroes Square
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