Holetown Monument

Holetown Monument This obelisk monument is located in Holetown and is made of soft-stone blocks with a cross on the top.

The Holetown Monument commemorates the first settlement in Barbados on May 14th 1625, when Captain John Powell arrived here on the ship Olive Blossom in 1625 and not 1605 as stated on the monument. He claimed the island on behalf of King James I. A plaque on the base of the monument, put in place in 1975 on the occasion of the first Holetown Festival, sets the record straight on the date of the arrival of the English settlers.

The historic event is celebrated annually through the Holetown Festival which is a week of activities in February.

The 300th anniversary of the discovery of Barbados was celebrated with the issuing of the Olive Blossom Stamp in November 1905. Celebrations included the erection of the Holetown Monument (Indian River Monument) and a state procession to the Garrison Savannah

Located on the forecourt of the Holetown Police Station

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Holetown Monument
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