St. James Parish Church

The St. James Parish Church stands on one of the oldest pieces of consecrated ground in Barbados at the site of the first English settlement. 

There is some reference indicating that the then "Hole Church" was in existence in 1629 and was originally located in Holetown.   

The original wooden building was replaced by a colonial style stone church in 1660. The church has been rebuilt twice. The first time was in 1789 after being destroyed by the great hurricane of 1780. It survived the hurricane of 1831 but it had fallen into such bad disrepair by 1874 that major re- building had to be done.

Today the church still carries it?s original features such as the old bell on the southern porch of the church, resting on a pedestal made out of coral limestone with the inscription - "God bless King William, 1696". (This bell pre-dates the famous American Liberty bell). The old baptismal font is inscribed 1684.

Other features include mural tablets, un-plastered coral stone walls, stained glass windows, a circular bell tower, massive, circular columns and a spiralling stairway.

Sightseeing Tours
Monday to Friday: 9am - 1pm

Two minutes from Holetown, going in a northerly direction, next to Folkestone National Park.

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St. James Parish Church
St James
Tel: (246) (246) 422-4117

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