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Barbados Historical Sightseeing

Codrington College
Morgan Lewis Mill
St John's Parish Church

n Barbados, Historic Sites & Sights are not only impressive tourist attractions, but are also of great architectural interest.

There's a unique collection of old Great Houses, some of which date back to the early 17th century, these stately Plantation Houses will show you a bit of Barbados' architectural history, including the Georgian and Jacobean style of architecture which came with the British. Of the three remaining Jacobean houses in the western hemisphere, two are in Barbados.

When Historical Sightseeing in Barbados, the rich culture and history of the island can, best be seen when visiting any of the museums. The Barbados Museum and Historical Society is actually located in an area of historic military interest at the Garrison Historic Area. Barbados not only has the largest number of 17th century English iron cannons in the world, but is home to one of only two cannons known to be in existence bearing Cromwell's arms.

Old Towns and quaint Villages all add to the charm of the island as you embrace the variety of historical sights/sites in Barbados. Statues, monuments and interesting landmarks are dotted around the island. There are four historic lighthouses, three of which are listed as active.

Barbados is home to many fine buildings from the industrial sugar factories to public buildings like the Parliament Buildings, the third oldest in the Commonwealth. Although Bridgetown, the Capital lost some its older buildings to fires and hurricanes, many buildings survived from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Historic Bridgetown & its Garrison in Barbados has now been added to the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Come try a nostalgic trip back in time on a sightseeing historic tour of the island, as you enjoy and explore some of the local secret treasures and historic sites in Barbados.

If you prefer to visit these sights on your own and at your own pace, then check our Car Rentals section to choose a vehicle of your choice.

When on your historical tours, remember to check out the Barbados National Trust Properties, Historic Sites & Events

Enjoy the many Historical Sights & Sites in Barbados!


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