Sky Adventures and Air Activities

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush on one of the Sky Adventures & Airbourne Activities in Barbados. Parasail and soar above the island's tropical beaches and the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, or get on a microlight aircraft and enjoy the gorgeous view below of the rugged terrains, lush countryside and crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

On this page you can find unique ways to experience the island and its coastline from the air, while on your vacation. Get wet or stay dry, it's totally up to you.

Your Sky Adventure in Barbados will vary from Parasailing/Parascending, Micro-lighting and Skydiving to Paragliding and Zip-lining. It's now time for all you falcons and sky riders to choose your activity and soar.

Below, we've listed Sky Adventure Operators offering Caribbean Airbourne Activities, Flight-seeing Charters and Aerial Tours in Barbados, for your Caribbean Vacations and Holidays.

Falcon Parasailing Barbados Barbados This is an adventure not to be missed!
Spy's Watersports & Flyboarding Operator Barbados Be part of newest and coolest extreme water sport experience to hit the beaches of Barbados.