Barbados Crop Over Festival: Junior Calypso Tents
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The Barbados Junior Calypso Tents are of vital importance to the cultural landscape of the island. It is an important channel to harness and maintain the Calypso and Tent aspect of the Crop Over Festival.

The Junior Calypso Tent was the brainstorm of Wayne "Poonka" Willock and was readily received by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF). It was introduced in 2002 and has become a major feature of Crop Over in Barbados.

Several participants throughout the years have gone on to adult tents as well as growing into seasoned singers, recording and performing with popular live bands.

Some have also evolved from the Junior Calypso Competitions to the adult version, the Pic-O-De-Crop Competition with performances being rated as good as the seasoned Calypsonians.


The Junior Calypso Monarch Competitions in Barbados started in the 1990’s through a need to perpetuate the art form and ensure the continuity of calypso, by including young people and encouraging them to write and perform their own material, although this is not a criterion. Several senior calypsonians have assisted over the years with workshops, melodies and lyrics. The parents are also very supportive.

Winners from the finals in each category have the opportunity to perform in Trinidad’s Junior Monarch Competition each year.

Categories: (8-12) & (13-18)
(8) Singers from each category are chosen from the semi-finals to compete in the finals.

National Cultural Foundation (NCF)
Anthony Sargeant - A Primary School music teacher / Composer / Band Leader / Mentor
Wayne "Poonka" Willock – Calypsonian / Entertainer / Musican
Poonka started singing calypso in 1983 and is known for Calypsos such as "Tuk Band Rhythm", "All over de Place" & "Dialect". He initially brought the tuk rhythm into the calypso arena.