Researching Family Roots

The Barbados Archives, located in the Lazaretto, Black Rock, St. Michael is a haven for historical records of all manner.

It is easy to spend an entire day here tracing most any kind of history--from family roots and plantations to island life in the early 1600s. The Archives has many original documents as well as weighty tomes filled with hand-written documents copied from originals. This is the official location now for all parish documents such as wills, births, marriages, baptisms and deeds.

Though you cannot check out any of the books or other resource materials, you can research, read, and copy information you find. The staff are friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable and if you want to trace any type of historical information that has even a slight relationship to the island, you just might find something here.

Another great source for historical information is the library of the Barbados Museum at the Garrison, St. Michael. Here you will find books, loads of old maps, journals and other information that chronicles the life and people of bygone days.

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