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The SOL RALLY BARBADOS Festival is an International All-Stage Rally and the Caribbean's biggest annual international motor sport event, annually attracting around 100 crews, at least one-third of them from the wider Caribbean and further afield. 

From small beginnings in 1990 as a one-day event with only 30 local competitors, Sol Rally Barbados has grown into one of the strongest sporting brand names in the region, with visitors from as far afield as Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is also a major contributor to the island's sports-tourism product. 

The event now attracts over 25,000 spectators and has played host over the years to nearly 350 overseas competitors and perhaps 10 times that number of their family, friends and supporters. As well as 100 participants from territories within the Caribbean, more than 200 have journeyed from 21 countries outside the region, mainly from Europe, but also including including Australia, Kenya, New Zealand and South Africa. 

Sol Island Rally Barbados, which is organised by the Barbados Rally Club, is a two-day tarmac rally which is held in late May or early June, generating over 30 hours of television coverage to approx. 550 million homes worldwide. It is staged over one weekend, with more than 20 special stages spread across the island between Friday and Sunday evenings, with Scrutineering and the FLOW King of the Hill ‘shakedown’ the previous weekend. 

An extensive programme of social activities allows return visitors and newcomers alike to enjoy the many other attractions Barbados has to offer, while the one-of-a-kind Prizegiving party at the popular Boatyard Beach Club on the Monday after sees competitors focus on celebrating the experience . . . rather than on their results.

                                                             Sol Rally Barbados 
                                  The Caribbean’s biggest annual Motor Sport International

Duration: (2) Days (weekend) (with (1) week of activities leading up to rally)
Month: usually May/June 

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Rally Barbados 2017 overview…

• ‘Rally Central’ will now be located in the Pits at Bushy Park Barbados, as the former Banks Brewery building at Wildey, where it has been located for the past four years, is no longer available. Rally Central is the storage and service facility which accommodates most international and some regional competitors, providing a secure location in which the cars are stored once they are released from the Bridgetown Port. While all the previous components remain in place – the office, 24-hour security, storage and washrooms – the new location provides an enhanced package, as there will be also be track time available for testing

• the Simpson Motors Rally Show on Saturday, May 27th (2.00 to 6.00pm), will provide island fans with unrivalled access to local, regional and international competitors in a relaxed atmosphere in the spacious grounds of Simpson Motors, Warrens. Pre-event Technical Scrutineering, which has formerly taken place on this day, will be completed in advance, so cars and their drivers will no longer be a moving target. Full details will be confirmed soon, but expect a mix of competitions, cultural entertainment and Driver Meet & Greet sessions, with concessions offering a variety of cuisines

• while the Ceremonial Start at Sol Warrens on Friday, June 2nd (9.00pm), is not in itself a new concept – there was a similar event in 2009 – this year, it will lead straight in to the first two timed stages of Sol RB17. Once crews have been flagged away, they will transit north for two runs through a seven-kilometre stage at Diamond Corner

• the finish of Sol RB17 returns to Bushy Park Barbados in St Philip, where a technical two-kilometre layout, taking in elements of the full circuit, kart links and the bridge, will be the final timed stage of the event. Once finished, the cars will head up to The Hill to meet up with service crew, supporters and rally fans for the After-Party

Rally schedule

• for the first time, the average stage length will exceed six kilometres

• Friday: Ceremonial Start, following by two stages

• Saturday: 10 stages at three venues

• Sunday: 10 stages at four venues, finishing at Bushy Park Barbados

• total stage distance – 132.70km

Random stats – entries:

• 93 crews listed on the provisional entry list

• participants from a record 17 countries (including host nation Barbados)

• 44 overseas crews (second only to 45 in 2015)

• 70 International drivers or co-drivers, 26 new to the event

• 10 drivers or co-drivers from the wider Caribbean, four new to the event

• a record 18 female competitors, from a record eight countries

• 49 local crews

• 23 cars in the 4wd classes

• cars from 15 manufacturers, Ford best-represented with 19, followed by BMW (17), Mitsubishi (13) and Toyota (9)

Random stats:

• ‘Celebration Central’: while Sol Rally Barbados is on many an international rallyist’s ‘bucket list’, some wait for a particular excuse to compete, such as a big number birthday. During this year’s event, there will be at least two birthdays to celebrate, including Scottish regular Kenny Hall, who shares his 60th birthday with the Barbados Rally Club (BRC), two beachside wedding ceremonies between Flow KotH and Sol RB17, while a number of other competitors will be marking major birthdays at other times during the year with their trip to the Caribbean

• sponsorship: in addition to those private sector companies that are already partners of the Barbados Rally Club (BRC) in the staging of Sol RB17, more than 150 other sponsors or brand names will be promoted by competing crews. While many are from the automotive sector, such as MQI, Nassco and Platinum Motors, the list includes well-known names from the banking and insurance sector, including CGI and Republic Bank, along with a many from hospitality and tourism service-providers, among them Coconut Court Beach Hotel, Copacabana Beach Club, Drive-a-Matic, Elegant Hotels, Hilton Barbados, Sandals Barbados and Time Out Hotel . . .


SOL RALLY BARBADOS 2017 Programme of key events

Saturday, May 27 - Simpson Motors Rally Show

+ 2.00pm to 6.00pm

+ Simpson Motors, Warrens, St Michael

Sunday, May 28 - Flow King of the Hill

+ 10.00am to approx 5.00pm

+ Hangman’s Hill (4.60km), St Thomas; one practice and three official timed runs

+ round two of the Barbados Rally Club (BRC) Driver’s & Class Championships

+ for overseas competitors, a shake-down before Sol RB17

Wednesday, May 31 - Sol RB17 Briefing Meeting

+ 6.30pm, for competitors, crews and rally officials only

+ Accra Beach Hotel & Spa, Christ Church

Friday, June 2 - Sol Rally Barbados 2017 – day 1

+ Ceremonial Start at Sol Warrens at 9.00pm

+ two stages at one venue

Saturday, June 3 - Sol Rally Barbados 2017 – day 2

+ round three of the BRC Driver’s & Class Championships (includes Friday’s stages)

+ restart at 10.30am from Greenland Agricultural Station, St Andrew, which is also the Service Park for the day

+ 10 stages at three venues

Sunday, June 4 - Sol Rally Barbados 2017 – day 3

+ round four of the BRC Driver’s & Class Championships

+ restart at 09.30am from Carrington Factory, St Philip, which is also the Service Park for the day

+ 10 stages at four venues

+ Final Special Stage & Rally Finish at Bushy Park Barbados, St Philip

Monday, June 5 - approx 3.30pm – Sol RB17 Prizegiving

+ The Boatyard, Bay Street, St Michael

SOL RALLY BARBADOS 2017 Provisional entry list at May 10

+ driver/co-driver (car) – listed alphabetically by class

+ some classifications subject to scrutineering


Key to nationalities (competitor from Barbados unless shown): CDN – Canada; ENG – England; FRA – France; GUY – Guyana; IRL – Republic of Ireland; JAM – Jamaica; JER – Jersey; MTQ – Martinique; NED – The Netherlands; NIR – Northern Ireland; NZL – New Zealand; SCO – Scotland; T&T – Trinidad & Tobago; TCI – Turks & Caicos; USA – United States of America; WAL – Wales



Graham Coffey – ENG/Patrick Walsh - WAL (Subaru Impreza WRC S12B)

Jeffrey Panton – JAM/Michael Fennell Jnr – JAM (Ford Focus WRC06)

Kevin Procter – ENG/Andrew Roughead - ENG (Ford Fiesta)

Roger Skeete/Louis Venezia (Subaru Impreza WRC S12B)

Rob Swann – ENG/Darren Garrod - WAL (Subaru Impreza WRC S12B)

Brian Watson – SCO/Caroline Will - SCO (Mitsubishi WRC Replica)



Roger Duckworth - ENG/Alun Cook - WAL (Subaru Impreza WRC S6)

Roger Hill/Graham Gittens (Toyota Corolla WRC)

Nigel Worswick – ENG/Rebecca Kirsch - ENG (Ford Escort WRC)


Group A

Stuart Austin – ENG/Steve McNulty - ENG (Subaru Impreza)

Avinash Chatrani/Eric Allamby (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI)

David Coelho – TRI/James Harris – ENG (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX)

Barry Groundwater – SCO/Ashleigh Will - SCO (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X)

Rupert Lomax – WAL/David Alcock - WAL (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII)

Fraser Louden – SCO/Abi Louden - SCO (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX)

Dick Mauger – ENG/Gino Gouveia - JER (Subaru Impreza)

Joe McQuillan – NIR/Sean Donnelly - SCO (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX)

Ryan Pinheiro – T&T/Ross Vieira – T&T (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V)

Jonathan Trenholme – ENG/Alison Trenholme – ENG (Subaru Impreza)


Group N

Andrew Mallalieu/Geoff Goddard (Subaru Impreza N10)

Antony Pownall – ENG/Lee Almond - ENG (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX)

George Sherman - USA/Anthony Sherman - USA (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX)

Mark Thompson/Kurt Seabra - GUY (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX)


SuperModified 3

Justin Campbell/Juan Watts (BMW M3)

Sammy Cumberbatch/Jan-Yves Hinds (BMW M3)

Stan Hartling - TCI/Andy Proudfoot – CDN (BMW M3)

Jonathan Ince/Andrew Skeete (BMW M3)

Andrew Jones/Lindsey Pilkington – ENG (Ford Escort MkII)

Mark Kinch/Andrew Peirce (BMW M3)

David St Hill/Ian Grimes (BMW M3)

Martin Stockdale - ENG/Gary Miller – ENG (BMW 1M Coupe)

Chris Ullyett/Chantal Ullyett - CDN (BMW M3)

Logan Watson/Brian Gibson (BMW M3)

Rhett Watson/James Hutchinson (BMW M3)


SuperModified 2

Steve Finch - ENG/Stanley Graham - ENG (Ford Escort MkII)

Allan Mackay – SCO/Andrew Croney (Ford Anglia WRC)

Barry Mayers/Ben Norris (Ford Fiesta)

Roger Mayers/Sean Corbin (WR Starlet)

Stuart McChlery/Julian Goddard (Ford Escort MkI)

Josh Read/Mark Jordan (Toyota Starlet)

Dane Skeete/Tyler Mayhew (Peugeot 306 Maxi)


SuperModified 1

Neil Corbin/Matthew Staffner (Toyota Starlet)

Clifford Cox/Scott Bentham (Toyota Starlet)

Kevin Flanagan – IRL/Dominic Adams - WAL (Mini Cooper S)

Jeremy Gonsalves/Rommell Martin (Opel Corsa)

Craig Marshall - NZL/Andrew Smith - NZL (Peugeot 106 Maxi)

Winston Thompson/Damian Castillo-Marshall (Toyota Starlet)


Modified 2

Jamal Brathwaite/Dario Hoyte (Honda Civic Type-R)

Norman Catwell/Kyle Catwell (Volkswagen Golf GTI)

Daryl Clarke/Russell Brancker (Honda Civic)

Andrew Hockridge – WAL/Aled Edwards - WAL (Citroen DS 3 R3 MAX)

Paul Horton - TCI/Dwayne Forde (Citroen DS 3 R3 MAX)

Orry Hunte/Chris Haywood (Mitsubishi Lancer)

Dominic Linton/Adrian Linton (Vauxhall Astra SRi)

David Proud - NZL/Anita Campbell - NZL (Peugeot 206 GTi 180)

Paul Rees - WAL/Stuart Leach - ENG (Vauxhall Astra GTE)

Andy Scott - SCO/Rashid Phillips (Ford Escort MkI)

Jeremy Sisnett/Justin Sisnett (Ford Fiesta ST150)

Kurt Thompson/Adam Straker (Honda Civic)


Modified 1

Pierre Beswick – TCI/Leslie Evanson (Citroen C2 R2 MAX)

Pascal Calvel – MTQ/Francoise Devin – FRA (Citroen C2 R2 MAX)

Edward Corbin/Rodney Clarke (Daihatsu Charmant)

John Foster/Ian Weekes (Daihatsu Charmant)

Kenny Hall - SCO/Fenny Wesselink – NED (Ford Puma S1600)

Paul Inniss/Pierre Clarke (Honda Civic)

Shareef Walcott/TBA (Toyota Corolla)



James Thomson - SCO/Shaun Douglas – SCO (Vauxhall Nova)


Historic 2

Wayne Archer/Tristan Gibbs (BMW 325)

Raymond Clough - ENG/Kareem Gaskin (Ford Escort MkI)

John Corbin/Owen Proverbs (Toyota Corolla)

Greg Cozier/Natasha Farnum (Ford Escort RS)

Chris Shooter - ENG/Bev LeGood – ENG (Ford Escort MkII)


Historic 1

Robin Hamilton – SCO/Vanessa Hamilton – SCO (Talbot Sunbeam)

Gerald Pennell - ENG/Stephen Bell (Ford Escort MkI)


Clubman 2

Derek Edwards/Damien Johnson (BMW 318ti Compact)

Stuart Garcia/Rasheed Smith (BMW 318ti Compact)

Allan Kinch/Allan Maynard (BMW 318ti Compact)

Joe Troulan - ENG/Marilil Troulan (BMW 318ti Compact)


Clubman 1

Fabien Clarke/Arlington Hoyte (Suzuki Ignis Sport)

Shon Cummins/Jason Tull (BMW 316)

Peter Gallagher – IRL/Rene Forde (Peugeot 206XSi)

Kevin-Jon Manning/Tammy Lashley (Peugeot 106 Rallye)

Trevor Mapp/Allister Nurse (Mitsubishi Colt Mivec RS)

Jermin Pope/Aaron Kirton (Honda Civic)

Randy Reid/Romario Reid (Toyota Starlet)

Brandon Smith - WAL/Dylan Thomas - WAL (Volkswagen Polo)

Martin Taylor - IRL/Janet Taylor - IRL (Proton Satria)


Group B2

Calvin Briggs/Ryan Wood (Ford Sierra)

Andrew Costin-Hurley - ENG/Emma Morrison – ENG (Ford Puma Evo)

Jonathan Still/Heath Hazell (BMW M3)

Frans Verbaas - NED/Kees Hagman - NED (Rover Mini Cooper)

Group B1

Pete Rayner – ENG/Ashley Trimble - ENG (Ford Escort MkII)

Richard Seal – ENG/Bruce Yeomans - ENG (Ford Escort MkI)

Latest News from Sol Rally Barbados 2017


Sol RB17-30: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ­ May 29, 2017
Huge crowds attend final Sol RB17 shakedown

Jamaica’s Jeff Panton and Mike Fennell claimed their second Flow King of the Hill crown yesterday (Sunday), but enjoyed the limelight alone this time, following 2016’s tie with Simon Jean-Joseph and Jack Boyere. Second-placed Rob Swann claimed his best-ever KotH result, ahead of fellow British regulars, Roger Duckworth and Kevin Procter, with Roger Skeete finishing fifth and highest-placed local driver, as last year.
  After four straight class wins, last year in eighth place, Rhett Watson and James Hutchinson finally claimed overall two-wheel-drive honours, finishing seventh, with 2wd cars packing the rest of the top 10, brothers Roger and Barry Mayers split by Dane Skeete. Of the 87 crews who started, only one failed to record a time on at least two runs, although many have work to do on their cars ahead of Sol Rally Barbados 2017.
  Panton said: “Every win is a good win and the confidence level is high for next weekend. We went out very strong for the first run, as we expected rain. I wasn't able to better my time for runs two and three, but the last run was dry and we lowered the time by two seconds. The Friday night start doesn't bother me too much; seven-kilometre stages are nothing new for me and it’s just another night stage and we're ready for it.â€?
  By the time the first run over the 4.3kms course started at 10.00am, huge crowds had gathered inside the Vaucluse Raceway (VRW) in St Thomas, with hundreds more spectators lining other popular spots on Hangmans Hill, at Dukes and Lion Castle. After rain had fallen sporadically during Saturday’s Rally Show at Simpson Motors, more was forecast for Sunday, and it would play its part in the results.
  For the first time, there was no Practice run, the fastest of four Official runs to decide the results, then seeding for Sol RB17. This would benefit a handful of drivers, including a couple of class-winners, as everyone was encouraged to be ‘on it’ from the start, with rain likely. The event was run in reverse order of seeding, from Clubman up to WRC-1.
  Panton (Rubis/Sandals Barbados/KIG Ford Focus WRC06) was quickest on the first run, clocking 2m 48.55s, 2.3secs faster than Swann and Darren Garrod in the Elegant Hotels/Blue Sky Luxury/Cygnet Plant Subaru Impreza WRC S12B, with Skeete and Louis Venezia another 1.3secs adrift in the Sol/Flow/Automotive Art/Simpson Motors/WTI Impreza S12B. Duckworth and Mark Broomfield (Intrinsys Impreza S6) were fourth, with Procter and newcomer Andrew Roughead (Procters Coaches Ford Fiesta) fifth.
  Dane Skeete and Tyler Mayhew (Sol/Flow/Automotive Art/Williams Trading Inc Peugeot 306 Maxi) were sixth and fastest 2wd, ahead of Watson (Chefette/Power King Batteries/Gliptone/Stihl/Gunk/The Unknown Entity in support of Little Pink Gift BMW M3), Josh Read and Mark Jordan (Sprite/Hankook/Chutney’s/Urban Kitchen/Weetabix/Nassco/Flow/eCarib Classifieds/Cell Hut Toyota Starlet), Roger Hill and Graham Gittens (Esso/Nassco/MaxMeyer/MotorMac/Pennzoil Toyota Corolla WRC) and Avinash Chatrani and Eric Allamby (Lenovo/PowerBass/Gunk/iShop/Genius Lynk/Copacabana Beach Club Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI).
  While Panton improved by two-tenths on the second run, he could have gone faster, but encountered yellow flags after Roger Skeete had slid off on an unexpected stretch of wet road, damaging the front left of the Impreza. While Swann (by 1.8secs, to within six-tenths of Panton), Procter (by 4.3secs) and Duckworth (by 2.6secs) also all improved on the second run, Skeete’s first-run time was still good enough for him to stay in fifth place . . . and so it remained for the rest of the day.
  Rain fell part-way through run three, so only drivers in the first half of the field improved; then there was then a delay while emergency teams dealt with a number of incidents, the worst of which befell Scotland’s Fraser Louden, who rolled his Evo IX near the end of the stage. While both he and co-driver were OK, the clear-up took some time.
  Skeete returned once the run resumed and, although he was no faster, he was happy with the repairs to the car; catching the best of the weather, Britain’s Nigel Worswick and Rebecca Kirsch were fastest in the Worswick Engineering/Rallytech Composites Ford Escort WRC. While both Panton and Duckworth improved on run four, Duckworth leap-frogging Procter for third, Swann’s earlier time still earned him a satisfying second place: “I had a really good day, despite not having any real clean runs. I drove well within myself, as there is still next week to come. I'm pretty pleased with second overall, which means not being first on the road, so it could work to my benefit.â€?
  Dane Skeete held the upper hand in the 2wd battle until the final run, when Watson cut 2.5secs off his first-run time to finish ahead; Skeete also lost out to Roger Mayers and Sean Corbin (Chefette/Rubis/Digicel/DHL/Hankook/Illusion Graphics WR Starlet), who had finished the first run stuck in second gear, which required a trip back to the workshop. Mayers was 65th after run one, missed run two, 51st after run three (one place behind Scottish crowd favourite Allan Mackay’s Ford Anglia WRC) and finished eighth and winner of SuperModified 2. His brother Barry and Ben Norris completed the top 10, third in SM2, the Chefette/Rubis/Digicel/DHL/Hankook/Illusion Graphics Ford Fiesta handling strangely, running one rear damper borrowed from the Starlet.
  Watson said: “The plan today was to feel out the car as we did some development work since the Shakedown Stages. The weather played a big part, so we tried to have a go in the first run to post a good time, then we had some fun sliding in the wet. It feels great to win something like this on sheer pace and not really benefit from attrition!â€?
  The smallest margin of victory in the classes was Roger Mayers (0.39secs) over Dane Skeete in SM2, with five other classes settled by less than 1.5secs: Daryl Clarke (Flow/Automotive Art/Amir’s Chicken/MQI Collision Repair/Valvoline/eCarib Classifieds Honda Civic) and Kurt Thompson (Glassesco/NKM Clothing/Bio-Beauty Day Spa Civic) were split by just 0.51secs in Modified 2, while Wayne Archer (Archers Hall Design Centre/RW Water/Arrow Woodworking/Arrow Construction/D & A Mechanical Services BMW 325) beat Greg Cozier (Barbados Historic Rally Carnival/Geest Line/Jondel Race Engines/Rally and Competition Equipment Ford Escort RS) by 0.84secs in Historic 2.
  In Group A, Chatrani beat Trinidad’s David Coelho (Subway/Zanzibar/Kaizan Sushi Evo IX) by 1.44secs, the same margin of victory by which Edward Corbin (Automotive Art/Hilti Daihatsu Charmant) came from behind to beat Scotland’s Kenny Hall (Halltune Garage/F & Co Hair Stylists/The Sporting Pig Sports Bar & Restaurant/Time Out Hotel Ford Puma S1600) in M1. Holland’s Frans Verbaas (Verbaas Preparations/Koni Rover Mini Cooper) beat England’s Andrew Costin-Hurley (Cygnet Plant Ltd/Earl’s Performance Hoses/Wootton Tyres Ford Puma Evo) by 1.50secs in Group B2.

Sol Rally Barbados (June 2-4) and Flow King of the Hill (May 28) are organised and promoted by the Barbados Rally Club, which celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2017; title sponsors are the Sol Group and Flow. Marketing partners are Simpson Motors, Automotive Art and Banks; official partners are Accra Beach Hotel & Spa, the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc, Geest Line and the Tourism Development Corporation; associate sponsors are Chefette and Stoute’s Car Rental.

For media information only. No regulatory value.

For further media information: e-mail - robin@bradfax.com
web sites: www.rallybarbados.net; www.barbadosrallyclub.com 

Sol RB17-30a: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ­ May 29, 2017

Key to nationalities (competitor from Barbados unless shown): ENG ­“ England; FRA ­ France; GUY ­ Guyana; JAM ­  – Jamaica; MTQ ­ Martinique; NED ­ The Netherlands; NZL ZL ­ New Zealand; SCO ­ Scotland; T&T ­ Trinidad & ad & Tobago; USA ­ United States of America; WAL ­ Wales

1st Jeffrey Panton ­ JAM/Michael Fennell Jnr ­ JAM AM (Rubis/Sandals Barbados/KIG Ford Focus WRC06), 2m 46.45s
2nd Rob Swann ­ ENG/Darren Garrod - WAL (Elegant Hotels/Blue Sky  Luxury/Cygnet Plant Subaru Impreza WRC S12B), + 02.50s
3rd Roger Duckworth - ENG/Mark Broomfield - ENG (Intrinsys Subaru Impreza WRC S6), + 04.41s
4th Kevin Procter ­ ENG/Andrew Roughead - ENG (Procters Coaches  Ford Fiesta), + 05.19s
5th Roger Skeete/Louis Venezia (Sol/Flow/Automotive Art/Simpson Motors/WTI Subaru Impreza WRC S12B), + 05.72s
6th Roger Hill/Graham Gittens (Esso/Nassco/MaxMeyer/MotorMac/Pennzoil Toyota Corolla WRC), + 08.30s
7th Rhett Watson/James Hutchinson (Chefette/Power King Batteries/Gliptone/Stihl/Gunk/The Unknown Entity in support of Little Pink Gift BMW M3), + 08.37s
8th Roger Mayers/Sean Corbin (Chefette/Rubis/Digicel/DHL/Hankook/Illusion Graphics WR Starlet), + 08.90s
9th Dane Skeete/Tyler Mayhew (Sol/Flow/Automotive Art/Williams Trading Inc Peugeot 306 Maxi), + 09.29s
10th Barry Mayers/Ben Norris (Chefette/Rubis/Digicel/DHL/Hankook/Illusion Graphics Ford Fiesta), + 10.70s
WRC-1: 1st Panton/Fennell, 2m 46.45s; 2nd Swann/Garrod, + 02.50s; 3rd Procter/Roughead, + 05.19s; etc
Group A: 1st Avinash Chatrani/Eric Allamby (Lenovo/PowerBass/Gunk/iShop/Genius Lynk/Copacabana Beach Club Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI), 2m 59.10s ­ 12th o/a; 2nd David  Coelho ­ T&T/James Harris ­ ENG (Subway/Zanzibar/Kaizan an Sushi Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), + 01.44s; 3rd Ryan Pinheiro ­  T&T/Ross Vieira ­ T&T (Lange Trinidad Limited/Gulf Oil/Exedy  Clutches Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V), + 08.95s; etc
GpN: 1st Mark Thompson/Kurt Seabra - GUY (Automotive Art/Stag Beer/Glassesco/NKM/Bio Beauty/SLAM 101.1FM Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), 3m 01.81s ­ 15th o/a; 2nd George Sherman - USA/Anthony Sherman -  USA (Subway/Zanzibar/Kaizan Sushi Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), + 20.77s; 3rd Antony Pownall ­ ENG/Rikki Proffitt - WAL (Sparrow Hill Cars  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), + 55.22s
SuperModified 3: 1st R Watson/Hutchinson, 2m 54.82s ­ 7th o/a;  2nd Andrew Jones/Lindsey Pilkington ­ ENG (Lucozade/Caribbean  Powder Coating/AP Jones Pharmacy/Southern Surf Beach Apartments Ford Escort MkII), + 05.60s; 3rd Justin Campbell/Juan Watts (Republic Bank/Five Star Fast Track/Hilton Barbados Resort/Dream Solutions/Automotive Art/Hilti/#RAY/Campbell Racing Team BMW M3), + 08.63s; etc
SM2: 1st R Mayers/S Corbin, 2m 55.35s ­ 8th o/a; 2nd D  Skeete/Mayhew, + 00.39s; 3rd B Mayers/Norris, + 01.80s; etc
SM1: 1st Neil Corbin/Matthew Staffner (Nassco/H Jason Jones/Emtage Electric/BG Products & Services/Auto Solutions/Valvoline/Sun General Insurance/Maxmeyer Paints Toyota Starlet), 3m 06.15s ­ 27th o/a;  2nd Craig Marshall - NZL/Andrew Smith - NZL (Window Factory/Dataspares Peugeot 106 Maxi), + 04.84s; 3rd Philip Moe/Adrian Gittens (Sunbay Hotel/Mark’s Auto Spares/Bajan Motors Toyota Corolla), + 06.21s; etc
Modified 2: 1st Daryl Clarke/Russell Brancker (Flow/Automotive Art/Amir’s Chicken/MQI Collision Repair/Valvoline/eCarib Classifieds Honda Civic), 3m 04.58s ­ 21st o/a; 2nd Kurt  Thompson/Adam Straker (Glassesco/NKM Clothing/Bio-Beauty Day Spa Honda Civic), + 00.51s; 3rd Jamal Brathwaite/Dario Hoyte (Platinum Motors Collision Repair/Valvoline/Automotive Art/Consumers Guarantee Insurance/JSB Motorsport/Ellesmere Quarries/Chicken Pen Racing/Pirelli Honda Civic Type-R), + 01.21s; etc
M1: 1st Edward Corbin/Rodney Clarke (Automotive Art/Hilti Daihatsu Charmant), 3m 10.15s ­ 36th o/a; 2nd Kenny Hall - SCO/Fenny  Wesselink ­ NED (Halltune Garage/F & Co Hair Stylists/The  Sporting Pig Sports Bar & Restaurant/Time Out Hotel Ford Puma S1600), + 01.44s; 3rd Pascal Calvel ­ MTQ/Francoise Devin ­ FRA RA (Sodiva/Pneus Cash Tire/Tilo/ABC Depannage/CGFF/SMD Citroen C2 R2 MAX), + 04.69s; etc
M: 1st James Thomson - SCO/Shaun Douglas ­ SCO (Walker  Groundworks/Halltune Rallysport Vauxhall Nova), 3m 25.27s ­ 67th  o/a
Historic 2: 1st Wayne Archer/Tristan Gibbs (Archers Hall Design Centre/RW Water/Arrow Woodworking/Arrow Construction/D & A Mechanical Services BMW 325), 3m 14.24s ­ 48th o/a; 2nd Greg Cozier/Natasha  Farnum (Barbados Historic Rally Carnival/Geest Line/Jondel Race Engines/Rally and Competition Equipment Ford Escort RS), + 00.84s; 3rd John Corbin/Owen Proverbs (Automotive Art/Pro Sales Toyota Corolla), + 20.87s; etc
H1: 1st Robin Hamilton ­ SCO/Vanessa Hamilton ­ SCO CO (Robin Hamilton Autos Talbot Sunbeam), 3m 34.22s ­ 78th o/a
Clubman 2: 1st Derek Edwards/Damien Johnson (D & A Mechanical Services/Arrow Construction BMW 318ti Compact), 3m 16.34s ­ 55th  o/a; 2nd Stuart Garcia/Rasheed Smith (Intelligent Defence Systems/Smiths Engineering Works/Four & Twenty Bakery/Tropical Sunset/Zaccios BMW 318ti Compact), + 09.61s; 3rd Allan Kinch/Allan Maynard (Jolly Roger/Pirate’s Cove BMW 318ti Compact), + 09.84s; etc
C1: 1st Jermin Pope/Aaron Kirton (Good Time Snacks/Uniform Factory Outlet/Glassesco/NKM Clothing/Bio Beauty Honda Civic), 3m 23.12s ­“ 63rd o/a; 2nd Trevor Mapp/Allister Nurse (Sign Station/JSB Motorsport/Chicken Pen Racing/AS Autostop/Valvoline Mitsubishi Colt Mivec RS), + 06.12s; 3rd Randy Reid/Romario Reid (School Boy Sound System/Bird’s Wrecker Service Toyota Starlet), + 08.41s; etc
GpB2: 1st Frans Verbaas - NED/Kees Hagman - NED (Verbaas Preparations/Koni Rover Mini Cooper), 3m 12.47s; 2nd Andrew Costin-Hurley - ENG/Emma Morrison ­ ENG (Cygnet Plant  Ltd/Earl’s Performance Hoses/Wootton Tyres Ford Puma Evo), + 01.50s; 3rd Calvin Briggs/Ryan Wood (GpB2 Massy Realty/Lucas Oils/Keisha's Cheesecakes Ford Sierra), + 10.01s
GpB1: 1st Jonathan Still/Heath Hazell (Sharkey's Bar/Suga Apple/Castrol/Quality Tyre/Markham Construction BMW M3), 3m 15.63s; 2nd Richard Seal ­ ENG/Bruce Yeomans - ENG (GpB1 Ford Escort MkI), +  09.83s

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