Bath Beach

Bath Beach In Barbados, Bath Beach is one of the few truly 'safe' beaches for swimming along the entire east coast which is located on the Atlantic side of the island. 

It has medium waves with a slight undertow close to shore. The best bet for a good time is off to the left of the beach bar, where it is calm and clear.

Bath beach is great for snorkeling because of its long stretch of coral reef and is one of the most popular beaches with the locals on weekends and public holidays picnics. 

Surrounded by casuarina trees this area is ideal for picnics and family outings, especially with the children’s play area and the many facilities. 

North of the beach is a beautiful small waterfall and some remains of the old train line which ran from Bridgetown to Bathsheba during 1881-1937.  

In this area are also some beachfront accommodations. 

Bath Beach is located on the East Coast of Barbados in the parish of St John.   

Public Access to beach:
Vehicular and pedestrian with signage.

Crowd during the week
Usually small – medium on evenings with picnickers and various outings.

Crowd on weekends
Medium to large but not overcrowded, usually with picnickers and various outings.

Other East Coast Beaches close by
To the south is Consett Bay 
To the north is Martin's Bay 

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Note: Seasonal weather can cause a change in conditions


Snorkeling / Swimming / Fishing / Crabbing / Surfing / Boogie Boarding / Body Surfing / Walking / Jogging / Shelling (collecting shells) / Sun Tanning
Watersports in Barbados


Lifeguard Facilities Beach Rentals Vendors Benches Play Park Parking
Yes Yes N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes

Facilities usually includes: Showers / Toilets / Changing areas

Wheelchair Access Phone Booth Rangers Picnic Tables Hair Braiding Shaded Areas
Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes




Located in the Coach Hill & Consett Bay area

Contact Info
Bath Beach
St. John

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