Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba Beach When visiting BATHSHEBA BEACH in Barbados, you will be mesmerized by its astounding beauty and picture perfect views. Here you will experience clear waters, lots of undertow and large rolling waves suitable for surfing, complimented by the cooling breezes off the Atlantic Ocean.

This stretch of sandy beach with its rugged coastline of large rock formations, is not only beautiful but one of the most breathtaking areas on the east coast. It is also one of the most photographed and painted landscapes on the island and is often used on postcards.

Inland, the beach is back-dropped by the overwhelming presence of natural vegetation and the many hills of coconut trees and Chattel houses.

Surfing at Bathsheba Beach 
For years Bajans and visiting surfers alike have been shredding up the surf at the spot known as "The Soup Bowl" in Bathsheba. This picturesque little fishing village becomes a hive of activity several times a year, when the surf contests come to town. Such a surfing competition is the renowned ‘International Pro Surfing Classic’, which is known for its big and powerful waves blown in by our ever-present trade winds. Check out our events calendar for Surfing activities in Barbados. 

The Soup Bowl surf spot at Bathsheba can have powerful surf conditions and sometimes very big waves that attract many pros from all over the world. It is a right point surf break with a reef break and a coral bottom featuring approx. 100m length rides and waves sometimes over 30ft. The Soup Bowl is considered the best Surf Spot on the island.
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Bathsheba offers something to everyone, even if you don't surf. There are naturally formed pools in the reefs, which make for enjoyable wading, and the fresh, cool breeze is enough to caress you into a snooze while sun tanning on the beach.

This area is also great for picnics and family outings, especially with the children’s play area and the many facilities.

A number of Beachfront Accommodations, Bars, Restaurants and Rum shops are in the area, ready to serve you with the utmost hospitality.

The Legend of Bathsheba
It is said that this area was named after the wife of King David whose name was “Bathsheba”. Legend has it that she bathed in milk to keep her skin beautiful and soft, and the rolling surf waters of Bathsheba’s “Soup Bowl” resembled Bathsheba’s bath.

Train Line
Some evidence is present in this area of the old train line which ran through there during 1881-1937. (Ask for information at the Bathsheba community centre)

Bathsheba Beach is located on the East Coast of Barbados in the parish of St John.

Swimming not recommended for this area.

Public Access to beach:
Vehicular and pedestrian with signage.

Crowd during the week
Usually small – medium on evenings with surfers, walkers and joggers.

Crowd on weekends
Medium to large but not overcrowded, usually with surfers, spectators and various outings. 

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Remember to Rent-a-car or scooter and check out the other beaches or take an island tour of the many sights on the east coast
Seasonal weather can cause a change in conditions

Surfing / Boogie Boarding / Walking / Jogging / Sun Tanning
Watersports in Barbados


Lifeguard Facilities Beach Rentals Vendors Benches Play Park Parking
N/A Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes

Facilities usually includes: Showers / Toilets / Changing areas

Wheelchair Access Phone Booth Rangers Picnic Tables Hair Braiding Shaded Areas
N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes


From ABC Highway
Travel Highway 3
(East @ Clyde Walcott (Hothersal Turning) Roundabout)

Contact Info
Bathsheba Beach
St. Joseph

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