Charles Fort

Located on the grounds of Hilton Barbados is Charles Fort, a fort erected at Needham’s Point in 1650 by the British Military as a defense against attack from its enemies, and to protect Carlisle Bay.

Charles Fort is the largest fort on the island and was originally called Needham’s Fort. It is also part of the Garrison Historic Area. 

The fort’s name was changed to Charles Fort in 1660 when King Charles II regained the throne after Charles I King of England was beheaded and Oliver Cromwell took over.

In 1836 the fort was incorporated into the British Military Garrison. 

Built onto the fort and attached to the hotel's property, is the Old Engineer's Pier.

Adjacent to Charles Fort and Hilton Hotel is the Military Cemetery, and in the surrounding area you can visit the many military sights and sites in the Garrison Historic Area.      

When here, check out the Beaches in the Needham’s Point area

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