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Operating as a British Garrison for over a century, the historic Garrison area in Barbados was the 1st Garrison of the West Indies with one of the oldest militias in the British Commonwealth.

This area boasts many properties with architectural and historical interest dating from the 1660s until the 1800s. 

Below are some locations within Barbados’ Garrison that provided food and supplies to the British Regiment station here during that period.

We’ve used St Ann’s Garrison Savannah as the central focal point to provide locations.

Properties/Buildings used by the British Army for Commissariat Services
in the Garrison Historic Area

Commissariat Provisional Store
Now the Barbados Light & Power (BL&P), this building was originally the Commissariat Provision Store for the British Regiment, built between 1793 and 1801, it stored up to 3,500 42-gallon barrels. It later became the Garrison Theatre and in 1909 BL&P bought the building and restored it in 1986.

LOCATION: Light & Power Building, Bay Street, St Michael (Highway 7)
DIRECTIONS: Southwest of the Garrison Savannah (opposite Bush Hill road)

Commissariat’s Canteen (Sheriffs House)
This building was built in the mid 1700’s as the canteen for the British soldiers garrisoned here. It became known as Sheriff’s House from the early 1800’s, and in 1887 the property was opened as the Seaview Hotel. The property is currently the oldest hotel operation in Barbados and is now home to The Savannah Beach Hotel.

LOCATION: The Savannah Hotel, Hastings Christ Church (Highway 7)
DIRECTIONS: South of the Garrison Savannah (near Hastings Police Station)

Commissariat Rum Store

Constructed in 1804, this building was originally the Commissariat’s Rum Storage Facilityfor the British Regiment. It was built of stone and housed 500 barrels of rum storing 120 gallons each. The building is now part of the Island Inn Hotel.

LOCATION: Island Inn Hotel, Aquatic Gap, St Michael (road off Bay Street/Highway 7)
DIRECTIONS: Southwest of the Garrison Savannah (near Brown Sugar restaurant)

These properties are now part of the Barbados Garrison Historic Area.
…A UNESCO World Heritage Site

NOTE: The buildings listed above are not open for general public viewing or tours

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