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his picturesque island is rich in scenic beauty. Barbados sightseeing is a photographer's dream come true with an abundance of natural wonders, breathtaking scenic views, gorgeous gardens and miles of white, sandy beaches. There's so much to see and many things to do, as you check out some of the places of interest on the island.

Full of historical appeal you'll love the impressive collection of beautiful great houses, landmarks, old churches, and traditional chattel houses some of which date back to the 16th century. Historic Bridgetown, the over 375 year old capital of Barbados, is located by the picturesque careenage with its colorful fishing boats and splendid yachts. Check out the Barbados National Trust Open House Programme and see some of the island's most beautiful homes.

Nature lovers will find the Botanical, as well as the dramatic landscapes of the tropical plants and flowers, a welcome addition to their trip, nature trails, magnificent caves and indigenous wildlife will make these tours both relaxing and intriguing.

A guided Island Tour is excellent value for money as well as informative, and varies from scenic, fun-filled, historic tours to exciting safari tours. If seeing the island from a different angle is more your thing, then try one of our sea tours, air tours or underwater tours.

If you rent a car, here are a few things to remember. The roads meander, are sometimes illogical and often unmarked. So don't get upset or frustrated if you get lost-everybody does, even Bajans! If you make a wrong turn, consider it part of the adventure of touring Barbados. You might want to pick up any of the several visitors' guides which include maps.

Bajans are generally very helpful in directing you to your destination. They will do their best to try to steer you the right way, even if the directions seem a bit skewed. But not to worry, you will get there eventually.

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