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Diving in Barbados takes you into a whole different world. A place that is cooler, darker, quieter and yet oh so lovely. Those who dive often tell those who don't what they're missing and in Barbados no truer words were ever spoken!

Barbados has a inner fringe reef which runs parallel to the shore with visibility between 50 and 100 ft. This reef is separated from an outer barrier reef by a narrow band of sand. The reefs around the island are generally in very good condition. Most dive shops have a policy, "What's down under, stays down under" and the bringing up of souvenirs is not encouraged.

Fine examples of brain coral, black coral, barrel sponges, plate corals, gogonians, staghorn coral, small tropical fish, yellowtail, barracuda, turtles, moray eels, king fish all abound underwater making dives a never-ending exploration. There are also a number of wrecks around the island such as three poular ones on the west coast - the Stavranokita off Fitts Village, which is at 130 feet and known as one of the best wrecks in the Caribbean, the Lord Combermere off Batts Rock at 60 feet and the Palm Air off the Almond Beach Village near speightstown, again in 60 feet of water.

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