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Barbados Crop Over Festival: Calypso Tents

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Fun Barbados - Celebrate MADD's 30th Anniversary

Barbados Calypso Tents

Fun Barbados - Calypso Tent in Barbados ts another year for you to enjoy the variety of Crop over Calypso Tents in Barbados. This year they will be offering from the traditional calypso, kaiso and soca for the purist at heart to the modern day calypso fusions for the young at heart. The Calypso Tents in Barbados have venues & atmospheres which can vary from large and spectacular with a mix of entertainment for all to small and traditional with biting calypsos and picong in a relaxing environment. Each tent gives you a unique experience as well as good laughs and give-a-ways. More Info...

There will be six weeks of tent action for you to be entertained by Barbados Calypsonians as they are judged on their social commentary or party songs for the Pic-O-de-Crop and Party Monarch competitions in Barbados. Dates

Calypsonians performing at Calypso Tents in Barbados

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List of 2015 Barbados Calypso Tents
2015 Preliminary Judging Dates
Calypso Tents
Opening Nights
Party Monarch
African Heartbeat Expose Tent Click Here June 28th 2016
All Stars Calypso Tent 2016 Click Here July 3rd 2016
Bacchanal Time Calypso Tent 2016 Click Here
De Big Show Calypso Tent 2016 Click Here July 9th 2016
De Ultimate Calypso Tent (Gospel) Click Here
Headliners Tent 2016 Click Here June 30th 2016
House of Soca Calypso Tent 2016 Click Here July 4th 2016
Kingdom of Super Gladiators Tent 2016 Click Here July 6th 2016
Stray Cats Calypso Tent 2016 Click Here July 10th 2016
The Experience Tent 2016 (Gospel) Click Here June 29th 2016
Tornadoes Tent Click Here July 7th 2016
Unshackled Calypso Tent 2016 Click Here July 5th 2016

Click Here for more information on 2015 Calypso Tent Judging Nights (Venues, times, Admission)

Fun Barbados - Celebrate MADD's 30th Anniversary


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