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Shelling Beaches in Barbados

In Barbados the best Shelling Beaches can be found along the eastern coastline, which is located on the Atlantic side of the island.

Although Barbados beaches aren't ideal for collecting shells you will find the occasional whole shell, but generally broken shells are what you would find.

Shells can also be found seasonally on some west coast beaches especially during the hurricane season or after rough seas.

What you will find a lot of on the beach is sea glass, in all shapes and colours.

Conch Shells are very popular on the island as home decoration and as a horn at cultural events and sporting events. To acquire one you will need to purchase it from a conch fisherman, a free diver or a scuba diver, some beach vendors and souvenir stores also sell them.

Below you will find a list of the best beaches for Collecting Shells in Barbados.

Click on name of Beach for more information:

Skeete's Bay: East Coast - St. Philip

Consett Bay: East Coast - St. John

Bath Beach: East Coast - St. John

Martin's Bay: East Coast - St. John

Tent Bay: East Coast - St. Joseph

Bathsheba Beach: East Coast - St. Joseph

Cattlewash Beach: East Coast - St. Joseph

Barclays Park Beach: East Coast - St. Andrew

Gibbs Beach: West Coast - St. James

Paynes Bay: West Coast - St. James

Prospect Beach: West Coast - St. James

Paradise Beach: West Coast - St. Michael

Freshwater Bay: West Coast - St. Michael

Pile Bay: West Coast - St. Michael

Hastings Rocks Beach: South Coast - Christ Church

Rainbow Beach: South Coast - Christ Church

Note: Seasonal weather can cause a change in conditions


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