Cultural Heritage Tours

Try one of the many Caribbean Historical & Cultural Tours offered in Barbados, and enjoy the opportunity to learn about its culture, heritage and the beat of the people.

In Barbados Heritage Tours showcase the island?s rich history and strong connection to its past, through architecture, folklore and the military, as well as everyday customs and traditions inherited from its British and African ancestry.

Other historical influences can be seen in the natural, industrial and cultural Heritage, through the many historical places of interest around the island.

Historical Tours really bring to light how well Barbados? heritage is preserved and displayed by a variety of museums and a number of societies and trusts.

On Historical Trips in Barbados you get to visit places of cultural interest and mingle with locals, or even meet a Bajan.

Some of the places and sights you will see can include; plantations, great houses, chattel houses, historic churches, fishing villages, towns, rum shops and the countryside.

You will also get to experience the island?s food and view its art & craft through displays and demonstration.

The island has an especially rich history in sugar and rum, so trying a rum distillery tour would give you a true taste of the past.

Barbados has now been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list of properties.

Here is a list of companies, properties, local guides and organizations offering cultural heritage tours in Barbados, with visits to historic buildings and cultural sights and sites. >

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