The Garrison Savannah

The Historic GARRISON SAVANNAH in Barbados is home to the oldest operating horse race track in the western hemisphere.

Originally a marshy area up until the 18th century, this 30 acre Savannah was also the former military parade ground and a recreational area for soldiers. Events between the military and the plantocracy were also hosted at the Savannah.

The St Ann's Garrison and Savannah became official in 1808, when the Barrack buildings A, B and C Blocks were built.

Garrison Savannah Race Track
The Garrison Savannah has been the home of horse racing in Barbados since 1845. It started when officers of the British Regiment stationed in Barbados, raced their horses against wealthy merchants and planters on the island.

The racetrack at the Garrison Savannah is the oldest functioning horse racing circuit outside the UK, and is now internationally recognized, with  the Barbados Turf Club responsible for the organization of horse racing  in Barbados since 1905.
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Cricket at the Garrison Savannah
In 1805, this was where cricket was first introduced to Barbados, by the British Military as a recreational activity. Friendly domestic cricket is still played there today.
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Polo at the Garrison Savannah
Polo was also another sport which was first introduced to Barbados at the Savannah of the Garrison, by officers of the British Cavalry in the 1900s. The Savannah was also the home of the original Barbados Polo Club from 1884 until 1965, when it relocated to Holders in St James.
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Rugby at the Garrison Savannah
In the 1900s Rugby was yet another sport played in Barbados for the first time at the Savannah by British Forces, stationed on the island. During 1964 the Barbados Rugby Football Union was formed, and later the Rugby Club House was erected at the Garrison Savannah. To date, this is still the home to Rugby in Barbados.
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Special Historic Moments at the Garrison Savannah
In 1820 this was the venue for the 1st inter-colonial cricket match - It was between Barbados and British Guiana (now Guyana)

At this venue, on November 30th 1966 Barbados was led into Independence by the then Premier Errol Walton Barrow, officially celebrating the achievement of nationhood as a sovereign and independent state within the Commonwealth

In 1975, world famous Barbadian Cricketer Sir Garfield Sobers was knighted at this venue by Queen Elizabeth II for his services in cricket.
Today the Garrison Savannah is better known for Horse Racing, occasional sporting activities, Kite Flying competitions at Easter and Barbados' Independence parade. It is still presently used by the Barbados Defence Force for rehearsals.

Other field sports and recreational activities hosted at the Savannah are rugby, cricket, football, cycling races, skateboarding, basketball, road tennis and kite flying.

Many locals also use the Savannah for exercising, walking and jogging in the early morning or evenings after work. There is also a play park for the kids.

Historic Garrison Area
The Garrison Savannah is located on the eastern half of the Garrison historic area, and is surrounded by many historic garrison buildings of 18th & 19th century military architecture, making it the focal point for a variety of tours and historical attractions in the area. 

This area is also home to the finest collection of 17th century English iron cannon to exist anywhere.  
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With all the rich military his­tory in this area, it is obvious why the Historic Garrison area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Barbados Garrison
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